BARKING DOGS ready to snarl?

I am sure Mani Shankar Aiyar will see “lambi jaddi” (RSS) conspiracy behind the Paris killings.

Can any peace-loving Muslim stage such a murderous assault leaving behind 150 dead? ABSOLUTELY NO. Only the killers of Gandhi can do it so brazenly, this Sonia’s stooge will say with so much emphasis that even the Secular Barkha Dutt will be shaken rudely.

I don’t know if Goebbels believed in what he said about a lie repeated 1000 times turning into truth. BUT SECULAR antinational Congress GOEBBELS ARE CONVINCED THAT EVEN IF A LIE IS REPEATED 10 TIMES IT BECOMES THE TRUTH.

HOW CAN Man with superior intelligence fall so low when he becomes part of antinational Congress? Greed for power? Greed for fame? Greed for self-preservation? ONLY GOD KNOWS.


BLOOD & blood alone

French secularists thought, as every secularist does to his own horror and dismay, that opening the gates to Islamic refugees by playing good host will make them dearer to the forces of evil. This is what India does again and again pampering in the name of Secularism that has degenerated to an extent that it is the central piece of the Constitution. Indians never learnt nor are learning that evil is what evil does. NOW FRANCE IS REAPING handsomely to WHAT IT SOWED.

Jihadis are taught not to show guilt in brutally retaliating for favours of good deed done to them. Their “God” has to be propitiated by blood and blood alone.


Islam rejects God (A= No; ilahi: God), a God that is popular in common human perception; a God who does good for others “”””yogakshemam vahamyaham” which means ensuring the safety and well-being of devotees and never threatening anyone with Hellfire}

The five times congregation is a primitive resolve to remain united in waging political wars and gain new lands through the power of an ideology and the power of conversion that is far from enthusing to be accepted voluntarily.

Those who do not understand or misdirect this danger for they have a political axe to grind are the ones who suffer most by their own treachery of ignorance and self-indulgence.


Bihar ka samosa aloo ke bina?

Quota ki chatni, Secular ka tadka

Kya maaza bolo wah re wah

Jab Laloo ki khel satyanash ki tandav

Ek Bihari aloo mein itna sara maaza?

Chhodo yaar idli, dosa ki besure baatein

Jab Laloo hain phir toh Quota sab kuch tumara

Asli swad toh namak haram Congress ne chakkah

Jiske pyaar aur mohabbat se

Khich layi Laloo ko Nitish ke pass

Ab ghunegar Laloo nahin raha ban gaya Bihar ki jamai

Wah! toda chak kar toh deko iss samosa ka maaza

Aisa swad jis tarah Laloo ne ki Bihar ki jamai

Rote hon bhai?

Socho jara kitna khush naseeb hon tum

Kya likha hain takdeer mein

Jab sab kuch hain Laloo ki amar kahani


My past experience with Amit Shah as a home minister of Gujarat had convinced me he was not only pompous but a fool to boot.

The loyalty of this RSS Sancho Panza no doubt kept him close, rather very close, to Modi who made him the BJP chief without realizing that he would act as joker in the pack in misguiding Modi when the chips are down as it was in Bihar.

On this Dusshera I had called Amit Shah knowing well what to expect. His PA answered and said immediately that he is in a “meeting.” This “in a meeting” rebuff is jaded, outdated, archaic and very sick. One who uses it as an excuse needs psychiatric treatment.

I hung up without much ado simply saying it was a courtesy call on the occasion of Dussehra.

But the real Amit Shah I encountered was when I called him when he was “busy” attending some function in Surat. I was in IANS then. I had written a political story and urgently needed a bite or two from him so that I can hang my story on it.

It was afternoon and Shah himself answered and I quickly explained concluding by saying “all I need is one line statement.”

Shah cryptically said, “saath baze ke baad (after 7pm)”.

I remonstrated. This story of mine had to be filed quickly and I cannot wait till 7pm which is as good as waiting till eternity comes.

“Saath baze ke baad” was the unnerving reply.

Amitbhai I pleaded ‘please say “yes” or “no.” That is all I want.’

“Saath baze ke baad” he said with a voice so heavy I could sharpen my kitchen knife on it. It infuriated me so much that I slammed the phone.

I then contacted a local PTI stringer in Surat who claimed he knew Shah well and assured me that he will get the poison out of the cobra’s mouth. Believe it or not he gave me the inputs what I wanted within an hour. And the story of mine was well received.

Modi has affinity towards Shah because of his RSS background. Unlike Modi, Shah is too cunning, too crafty and pompous.

HIS POMPOSITY made him say the wrong things at the right time in Bihar. Even an enemy of Modi would not have dared to say what Shah said “if BJP loses Pakistan will celebrate.”

Bihari Muslims are pro-Modi because their poverty has become a capital to QUOTA-SECULAR THUGS WHO GO BY THE NAME OF SECULARISTS.

THEY have seen Thug Laloo’s Jungle Raj and Nitish Kumar’s social justice farce which mocks at the poor by giving them each a bicycle that costs no more than 500 rupees. They know very well Modi is a man who loves his country and whatever he does will benefit all.

But Shah’s statement actually made them think whether he was calling Muslim patriotism into question. Even an unpatriotic Muslim will resent that because of the “hidden traitor” overtones in Shah’s statement.

Foolish Shah should have kept his loud, pompous mouth shut in an electorally charged atmosphere and why he kept it open is incomprehensible.

WAS his flippancy had a motive of leaving BIHAR TO ROT IN their own BACKWARDNESS by handing them over to secular wolves? Or he hated BJP coming to power and changing their backward destiny with support of Modi?

It is time Modi boots out Naidus, Shahs and Javdekars as his confidants and CONSULTANTS. They are ruining Modi and sinking him giving antinational advice. The last one was destroying a United Andhra Pradesh to outherod the Congress.


RSS is very dangerous.

It is antinational.

It is divisive.

Its loyalty is TOTALLY suspect as it worships those in the name of secularism who hold extra-loyalties.

It believes in dividing people, especially the UNSUSPECTING HINDUS.

Those who are wondering how RSS can be so deadly need to understand the reality about RSS.

RSS is actually “””RASHTRIYA Secular Sangh”””.


Excellent speech of Modi.

Again the problem with Modi is he forgets the juduva bhai of secular treachery when he attacks the treacherous activities of the SECULARISTS. IT IS THE ANTI-HINDU AND DIVISIVE caste QUOTAS THAT SPLIT HINDU SOCIETY WIDE OPEN.

Mod must UNDERSTAND that there will be no secular treachery if Hindus are united but that is impossible if quotas are there to split them wide open on caste basis.

HINDU SOCIETY THANKS TO ISLAMIC INVASION IN THE LAST MILLENNIUM IS RIVEN BY DISSENSION. Quotas cement that dissensions which sadly have now crystallized.

If you have quotas then secular treachery IS BOUND TO continue as a national pastime, many such brilliant speeches notwithstanding.


How quota monsters work and do mind control?

Lets take this example to understand how quota works.

Say people are getting water once a month. Modi doesn’t say anything about it except to say water is very essentially to life. But Laloo creates an euphoria that he has plenty of water to give/share hinting his past behaviour vouchsafes for it. PEOPLE WILL VOTE FOR HIM “””thinking””” HE WILL GIVE WATER ONCE A WEEK. Those who took bath once a month will be too happy to take bath once a week.This primitive psychology works wonder if handled correctly. But this to work Laloo needs “illiteracy,” “poverty”, and “helplessness” which come from bad, corrupt and mal-governance which Laloo had shown plenty in his inglorious reign. When these combine they form ironically a tinderbox of hope in those very men who in the first place had deprived people of water which anyhow is their fundamental right.


No one knows why Laloo was granted bail till “””Eternity””” when Chief Justice P Sathasivam granted him one in December of 2013.


This may be the first time a convict on bail freely wins with such huge margin making decent Indian’s worst nightmare come true if the trends are anything to go by.

Quota beggared Bihar has truly been beggared to vote for a criminal in the hope that this unscrupulous criminal will stir the Quota pot to pour out the soup as an appetizer to a sumptuous QUOTA lunch.


WHAT INDIA SHOULD FEAR MORE IS THE SNAKES in Modi’s bosom like Prakash Javdekar trying to outsmart Congress, Laloo and Nitish to win the 2017 UP elections by declaring quotas for MAHADALITS. if he does so — and in all likelihood he will do it –THE FAT WILL BE ON FIRE.


Laloo and NItish are two sides of a railway track which will never meet. Antinational Congress preening itself at the backward victory knows that well. It also knows a cobra can never co-exist with mongoose under one roof. HOW LONG THIS THUGBANDHAN WILL LAST IS ANYBODY’S GUESS.


Should Modi have announced such HUGE donations to woo the beggared backwards of Bihar nearly THROWING away 2 lakh crore? It is criminal to have done that. He is playing dirty politics by ignoring the truncated Andhra’s demand for financial help and YET HAS ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD FOR BIHAR AND J&K, the two rogue states which drag India down.

I had rightly feared the worst nightmare coming back to haunt us all {See “BIHARIS RILLIANT?”… } .

In a way BJP won BIhar.

Yes, Backward Jati (Panti) Party has won.

This victory may bring more turbulence in the Parliament and the antinational Congress could make lot of hay at the cost of Modi as the quota sun is bound to shine brightly. It could make Modi’s life insufferable and distract Modi from whatever little good he is trying to do for India.

TRULY burre din AHEAD.

Urge to destroy Bihar is a creative urge

Nitish had vowed not to have any contact (even eye contact) with blusterous Satan Laloo.

Once Laloo had invited Nitish to join his RJD when both were on the same stage at some public meeting. There was so much contempt on Nitish’s face to this invite that it turned his face grotesque (not that his quota face is anything that Bollywood will approve of).

NITISH SAW LALOO AS ONE SEES A SPIDER IN HIS BED. Then what changed radically so much that “THE MAHADALIT CM” kissed the UGLY spider on his bed??

Feverish Nitish must have thought: तिनका भी उसी डूबने वाले को सहारा देता है … जोह उस तक पहुँचने का सहस रखता है

The eight bells began tolling when Nitish lost Lok Sabha poll notwithstanding his treacherous act of degrading further his “”””Mother Bihar”””” into “MahaDaridra”. Once he plunged his dagger with mad quota fury it was hardly a problem for him to fling away his torn fig-leaf. SATAN LALOO was coming to him like a Goliath to stop Modi’s juggernaut.

Maybe cunning Nitish did the right political thing in embracing a strange bedfellow. If he gets destroyed tomorrow at the hustings he still could claim there is another sunrise waiting and conveniently put all blame on Laloo’s dirty quota head to wash away all his sins.

Nitish is looking desperately for a leeway and escape.

But won’t the Bihari Satan mock at him thus?

……………….Na badle hai hum, na badlenge hum kabhi
……………….Dono ki lachari hai apni apni
……………….Yeh kissa kurssi ka hain, bhai,
……………….Modi ko badnam karne ka avsar mila
……………….Par Modi badnam hoga ya nahin
……………….Kurssi bach gayi toh bahut hain
……………….Humara safar hain adbhut
……………….Yeh jati-panti ka safar
……………….Kya soch rahe hon?
……………….Hain na jindgani apni apni?