Sitting for board exams, with two fractures and head wounds

By V.N. Balakrishna, IANS

Palanpur (Gujarat), Mar. 11, 2008 | Dolly Girishkumar Acharya, 15, has two fractures in her left leg and deep wounds on her head due to a road accident two weeks ago. But that hasn’t stopped her from sitting for her Class 10 board exams, and she hopes to come out with flying colours.

She travels to the exam centre in an ambulance. She answered her Gujarati exam Monday, which she said went off well.

“I did well, though I felt giddy due to an injection,” Dolly said after the exam. She is now busy preparing for the next paper.

Dolly was riding pillion with her classmate Salony on a two-wheeler in Palanpur city, around 100 km from Ahmedabad, around two weeks ago. While trying to avoid a collision with a jeep, Salony swerved suddenly and Dolly fell down. The unconscious and badly injured girl was rushed to hospital.

She was discharged from hospital a couple of days back and still has a doctor attending to her all the time.

The 15-year-old’s mother Pratimaben Acharya said she was initially against Dolly sitting for the exams.

“I was against sending her to the examination but her constant pestering made me agree,” Pratimaben told IANS.

K.D. Damor, the district education officer, has made special arrangements in the computer room of K.K. Goth High School, where Dolly is sitting for her exams.

Pratimaben said Dolly was her third and youngest daughter, adding that she was a good student and had secured 80 percent in her Class 9 exams.


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