Indian judiciary still delivers: Sreekumar

By V.N. Balakrishna, IANS

Ahmedabad | “I am very happy… Our judicial system is still strong and one can have faith in it,” retired police officer R.B. Sreekumar said Saturday after winning a legal battle against the Gujarat government.

“It has been proved that justice delayed does not mean justice denied… But the problem with most of us is that we give up the fight even before it starts,” Sreekumar told IANS.

Sreekumar comments came two days after the Gujarat government finally issued a notification promoting him as the director general of police from Feb 23, 2005.

This followed two reprimands from the Gujarat high court, which pulled up the government for not implementing its order issued in October 2007.

The delayed promotion meant that though he may have lost his perks befitting a director general, he will get back his accumulated wages from Feb 23, 2005.

The Narendra Modi government had promoted Sreekumar’s junior, K.R. Kaushik, as director general, superceding the former on grounds that he had a criminal case pending in a Kutch court since 1987.

Sreekumar, who had taken on the state government over the 2002 sectarian killings, was discharged from this case last year.

A 700-page chargesheet was served on Sreekumar by the Modi government in September 2005 in which he was accused of “spoiling Centre-State relations”.

Sreekumar was also accused of “leaking secret intelligence reports”, maintaining a private diary of official records, and “recording official conversations” and leaking them to the media.

Sreekumar told IANS that the way innocent Muslims were targeted during the 2002 riots was against the rule of law.

By pitting one community against another, one may win elections, he said. “But can they rule?”

He alleged that those who benefitted from the sectarian clashes that led to hundreds of deaths were “Islamic terrorists who would now have more members to recruit for anti-national activities”.

Sreekumar had maintained that Modi and other bureaucrats asked the police to “go soft” on the rioters.

Sreekumar went on: “I am a student of Gandhian thought and I believe that truth will triumph finally. Gandhi had also said ‘If you want change, be a part of change.'”


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