hemraj– V.N. Balakrishna | January 13, 2014

Ahmedabad | There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people,” said the late Howard Zinn, US author and historian.

Gory Pakistani misdeeds was seen last week when a video showing severed head of Lance Naik Hemraj Singh being displayed by unidentified Pakistani villagers at a village on the LoC was aired by an English news channel. Hemraj was killed year ago on January 8.

With Centre shell-shocked Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde made a bizarre statement: “This sort of incident occurred twice or thrice at the border … and retaliation took place from our side. Therefore this is an old issue. Look, video (evidence) as it often happens like with those of photographic evidence send wrong messages…I appeal not to aggravate this issue further.” If it is “old issue” does justice come with expiry tags?

Hemraj killing and exhibiting his severed head as trophy is clear violation of Geneva Convention. Despite being signatory to Geneva Convention and ratifying it Pakistan keeps contravening it with impunity.

Clearly India faces civilisational problems with Pakistan and confused about taking Pakistan to international fora for justice. Pakistan differs from the usual epithet of a nation state with its institutions controlled and overseen by military. Slavery of women still persists. Its utopian Islamic culture never allows peaceful co-existence of minorities such as Hindus, Christians, Parsis, Ahmadis, and other non-Muslims.

With India’s soft underbelly exposed the Jihadis from across the border with help of local sleeper cells have been launching sustained terror attacks for over a decade with the worst nightmare coming true on November 26, 2008 when LeT chief Hafiz Saeed unleashed a suicidal mission leaving behind trail of destruction with 166 lives lost. Instead of treating this as casus belli India kept begging Pakistan to punish the 26/11 culprits by inanely sending dossier after dossier as “evidence.” All that the Pakistani Establishment did with the seven dossiers was to mockingly ask: “Where is the evidence?”

For too long we have acted as a nation of do-gooders allowing Pakistan off the hook for its brutally uncivilized behaviour. Some fear nuclear Armageddon if Pakistani barbarism is stopped when below the nuclear threshold options like diplomatic, economic and legal exist. Without a  “nuclear policy” to check sabre-rattling by Pakistan all we have is a NO-CLEAR policy of talks to counter rising terror incidents despite 40 army officers and soldiers killed and 270 infiltrations and 250 ceasefire violations taking place in 2013.

Hemraj family wants the severed head back and Indian government looks at Indo-Pak issues with vote bank blinkers. This became clear soon after Hemraj killing when Shinde addressing an AICC session at Jaipur accused RSS and BJP of running terror training camps to promote “Hindu terrorism.”  World knows PoK has 42 terror camps functioning but where are the “Hindu terror camps”? Surely Shinde should know better and shut it down?

The Centre knows Hemraj’s killer Anwar Khan of LeT was rewarded Rs 5 lakh for beheading and bringing the head and yet does nothing worthwhile given Indian Army running the risk of demoralisation. The tragedy is India has become part of the Barmecide’s Feast being enacted by Pakistan. While Pakistanis pretend to be concerned with the havoc being caused in India our politicians play along, pretending to enjoy the Pakistani concern hoping trust and friendship will be restored.


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