ISIS has come to France; it will come to Italy as it will to Belgium, Germany and other European nations and finally overpower the BIGGEST SATAN OF ALL, the US.

Once it has seized the US by its neck it will come to each one of us — You, Me and Him. It will spare none, whether we like it or not or whether we had been staunchly Secular or pretended to be so and had adjusted liberally with its violent creed and enervating ethos and FUNEREAL THINKING.

There is no ISLAMIC GOD repeat “NO GOD even Allah” THAT can SAVE any of US FROM THE ISIS’ silky deathly web. We will be crushed one by one in its monstrous grip in a pitiless sacrifice as civilized Man — despite scientific advancements — stands naked and cowering helplessly in its brutal primordial overreach.

……………………………………….MAKE NO MISTAKE.


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