In Barkha’s debate show TODAY rabid Muslims like Kamal Faruqi and others were spewing lies to stop the debate from focusing on Islam being the root cause of ISIS rampage. The way these dissumulators pretended about Islam it looked as if this “religion of peace” was indeed a spiritually enthralling and uplifting experience.

Lots of red-herrings were thrown to confuse those unraveling Islam like Tarah Fateh. Tarah is truly a great man who was speaking the truth straight from his heart but was threatened by Kamal Faruqi who said roughly that Tarah was “misquoting Islam.”

ISLAM’s objectives are spelt clearly out in Quran that goes against the grain of peaceful coexistence as pointed out by me in earlier posts.

BUT THESE rabid DISSIMULATORS like Kamal Faruqi deflect the truth by saying that those who have no knowledge about the original ISLAM are criticising it. This is an old Islamic trick to say “go and read Quran and come to debate once again” when these tricksters have no answers.

These dissimulators were also trying a new stunt warning that criticism of Islam will push large number of Muslims into the arms of ISIS.

SO not SPEAKING THE TRUTH or stopping someone from speaking about Islam’s incitement to violence will end VIRULENT VIOLENCE?

WORLD CERTAINLY HAS ISLAM headache in its hands, dissimulators NOTWITHSTANDING.


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