BARKING DOGS ready to snarl?

I am sure Mani Shankar Aiyar will see “lambi jaddi” (RSS) conspiracy behind the Paris killings.

Can any peace-loving Muslim stage such a murderous assault leaving behind 150 dead? ABSOLUTELY NO. Only the killers of Gandhi can do it so brazenly, this Sonia’s stooge will say with so much emphasis that even the Secular Barkha Dutt will be shaken rudely.

I don’t know if Goebbels believed in what he said about a lie repeated 1000 times turning into truth. BUT SECULAR antinational Congress GOEBBELS ARE CONVINCED THAT EVEN IF A LIE IS REPEATED 10 TIMES IT BECOMES THE TRUTH.

HOW CAN Man with superior intelligence fall so low when he becomes part of antinational Congress? Greed for power? Greed for fame? Greed for self-preservation? ONLY GOD KNOWS.


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