My past experience with Amit Shah as a home minister of Gujarat had convinced me he was not only pompous but a fool to boot.

The loyalty of this RSS Sancho Panza no doubt kept him close, rather very close, to Modi who made him the BJP chief without realizing that he would act as joker in the pack in misguiding Modi when the chips are down as it was in Bihar.

On this Dusshera I had called Amit Shah knowing well what to expect. His PA answered and said immediately that he is in a “meeting.” This “in a meeting” rebuff is jaded, outdated, archaic and very sick. One who uses it as an excuse needs psychiatric treatment.

I hung up without much ado simply saying it was a courtesy call on the occasion of Dussehra.

But the real Amit Shah I encountered was when I called him when he was “busy” attending some function in Surat. I was in IANS then. I had written a political story and urgently needed a bite or two from him so that I can hang my story on it.

It was afternoon and Shah himself answered and I quickly explained concluding by saying “all I need is one line statement.”

Shah cryptically said, “saath baze ke baad (after 7pm)”.

I remonstrated. This story of mine had to be filed quickly and I cannot wait till 7pm which is as good as waiting till eternity comes.

“Saath baze ke baad” was the unnerving reply.

Amitbhai I pleaded ‘please say “yes” or “no.” That is all I want.’

“Saath baze ke baad” he said with a voice so heavy I could sharpen my kitchen knife on it. It infuriated me so much that I slammed the phone.

I then contacted a local PTI stringer in Surat who claimed he knew Shah well and assured me that he will get the poison out of the cobra’s mouth. Believe it or not he gave me the inputs what I wanted within an hour. And the story of mine was well received.

Modi has affinity towards Shah because of his RSS background. Unlike Modi, Shah is too cunning, too crafty and pompous.

HIS POMPOSITY made him say the wrong things at the right time in Bihar. Even an enemy of Modi would not have dared to say what Shah said “if BJP loses Pakistan will celebrate.”

Bihari Muslims are pro-Modi because their poverty has become a capital to QUOTA-SECULAR THUGS WHO GO BY THE NAME OF SECULARISTS.

THEY have seen Thug Laloo’s Jungle Raj and Nitish Kumar’s social justice farce which mocks at the poor by giving them each a bicycle that costs no more than 500 rupees. They know very well Modi is a man who loves his country and whatever he does will benefit all.

But Shah’s statement actually made them think whether he was calling Muslim patriotism into question. Even an unpatriotic Muslim will resent that because of the “hidden traitor” overtones in Shah’s statement.

Foolish Shah should have kept his loud, pompous mouth shut in an electorally charged atmosphere and why he kept it open is incomprehensible.

WAS his flippancy had a motive of leaving BIHAR TO ROT IN their own BACKWARDNESS by handing them over to secular wolves? Or he hated BJP coming to power and changing their backward destiny with support of Modi?

It is time Modi boots out Naidus, Shahs and Javdekars as his confidants and CONSULTANTS. They are ruining Modi and sinking him giving antinational advice. The last one was destroying a United Andhra Pradesh to outherod the Congress.


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