How quota monsters work and do mind control?

Lets take this example to understand how quota works.

Say people are getting water once a month. Modi doesn’t say anything about it except to say water is very essentially to life. But Laloo creates an euphoria that he has plenty of water to give/share hinting his past behaviour vouchsafes for it. PEOPLE WILL VOTE FOR HIM “””thinking””” HE WILL GIVE WATER ONCE A WEEK. Those who took bath once a month will be too happy to take bath once a week.This primitive psychology works wonder if handled correctly. But this to work Laloo needs “illiteracy,” “poverty”, and “helplessness” which come from bad, corrupt and mal-governance which Laloo had shown plenty in his inglorious reign. When these combine they form ironically a tinderbox of hope in those very men who in the first place had deprived people of water which anyhow is their fundamental right.


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