SACHIN TENDULKAR can knock Mike Tyson down

Politics to be secularized and quotised had FIRST to be degraded to such an extent that in the process Nehru and his tyrannical gang had to destroy India’s integrity in the process. They even destroyed the independence of sport bodies to an extent that even commentators were secularized and quotaised and compromised.

Many decades ago I was watching national volleyball championship between AP and Services. It was a fantastic AP team from the word go. But the commentator, which included a woman commentator, never appreciated AP’s tactics or skill or strategy. NOT ONE WORD OF PRAISE WAS UTTERED BY the woman commentator FOR THE AP TEAM. She kept on praising the Services till the last game point when Services had already lost the title. When a single point was all that remained the woman commentator WOKE UP as if suddenly and said to her colleague (calling him by his name which I now forgot), “Aren’t the AP playing to a plan?” IT WAS TOO LATE FOR HER TO REALISE THAT AP HAD ALREADY WON.

THIS third-rate WOMAN volleyball COMMENTATOR is still there mouthing inanities. I wonder if she came via the QUOTA ROUTE.
Hers was clearly a mental degeneration following SECULARISATION and QUOTAISATION of the body politic.

Then another Secular beauty.

in early 90s the Russians came to Kolkatta to play in Nehru cup football. The finals was between West Bengal and the Russians. Here the secularization effect had the opposite effect. From the word go the commentator was praising the Russians and it continued till the end. No doubt the Russians slaughtered the QUOTAWALLAHS and lifted the cup 4-0. But the commentator did not praise one Indian even for namesake. IT WAS AS IF INDIRA GANDHI HAD TAUGHT THIS COMMENTATOR THAT RUSSIANS ARE extremely superior to QUOTA INDIANS and they SHOULD BE PRAISED at all cost.

Then finally the SHOCKING ONE at the recently (FEB 2015) concluded NATIONAL GAMES 2015 at THRISSUR.

It was the boxing match between Gujarat’s Purohit Ravi and Services’ Th Nanao Singh in the Lt Fly weight category (49kg).

In the middle of the first round Gujarat boxer Ravi hit the Services Nanao Singh on his face with such FEROCITY that Nanao spun GIDDILY and fell down. It was a knockout blow and the referree had to give the mandatory count of 8.

Yet the commentator was unmoved and he had no word of praise for Ravi for such a sterling performance of knocking down a Services boxer, THAT TOO IN THE FIRST ROUND.

For this commentator it was unthinkable. It was like knocking Secularism down and none can do that and should be denied even if someone like Narendra Modi does it.

So the commentator kept saying repeatedly as if to boost the Services boxers morale “Nanao is an international boxer…”

Yes, the commentators (the other one too) kept praising the Services boxer (of course let it be said to Services boxer Nanao’s credit that he quickly recovered from the shock of the knockout and managed to stand on his feet to finish all the three rounds).

But I am not complaining against the commentators for not praising Ravi and only praising Services boxer Nanao.

My grouse is far more serious. I am complaining against the JUDGES who HAVE BEEN thoroughly SECULARISED and quotaised.

The first round had gone completely in favour of Gujarat’s boxer Ravi. But the SECULAR JUDGES to their eternal shame gave the round to Services boxer with 9-6 {YES, GUJARAT BOXER GOT mere 6 points while Services got 9. CAN THERE BE ANYTHING fraudulent and shameful than this?]

Once the first round was taken away by deceit and fraud and given to the Services boxer it was clear SECULARISM WAS WINNING all the way WHILE TRUTH WAS BEING LYNCHED.

In the second round Services boxer managed to stay on his feet without collapsing and presumably FOR THAT he was given 11 points(!!!!) and believe it or not Ravi got 2, yes 2 points.

In 3rd and final round Services got 10 points and Ravi 3 points!

SECULAR SERVICES WAS DECLARED WINNER BY 30 POINTS TO 11 and MODI’s Gujarat boxer was routed by deceit. Wow!!!


Secondly I have been hearing ever since I came to Gujarat that Gujaratis are unfit for the Army. Secularists gleefully point out the low percentage of Gujaratis in the three wings of our armed forces. The implication is Gujaratis are cowards and want to live a soft life saying “majaa ma” and will not relish army discipline let alone fight a war.

This vicious propaganda was let loose even by some PRESSTITUTES who worked with me once when they knew that a Gujarati is simply not interested to join the army when generations before him from his great grandfather onward were doing business.

SO WAS IT THIS misconception about Gujaratis THAT MADE THE JUDGES TO DECIDE THAT RAVI WAS unworthy of winning let alone defeating a Services boxer??????????



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