The secular worms are now crawling out of the woodwork. Most of the worms got their pattas from Congress Dynasty when they were handpicked to their posts.

Those who benefited from Indian National Congress largesse were told to believe that thanks to Secularism and quotas they would not have moved forward. They were also told that loyalty to the dynasty will help them ward off the spotlight of merit.

The dynasty was smart. Like Emperor Akbar having had a regent Bairam Khan, who helped consolidate the Mughal Empire in India these worthies of Congress largesse too were posted in similar position as regents of the dynasty. IT WAS PRESUMED THAT — as Mani Shankar Aiyar so forcefully said frothing at mouth in an NDTV newsbite that “Modi will never become the PM” — SECULAR TAMASHA WAS EXPECTED TO CONTINUE TILL ETERNITY AS THE IDIOTIC INDIANS WOULD HAVE NEVER STOPPED REVELLING THANKS TO 66 YEARS OF misdirection and secular TRAINING.

No secular thug ever pointed a finger at the collapse of law & order in the jungle raj of Akhilesh Yadav sarkar. There is complete vacuum in Uttar Pradesh and some minister jokers were today juggled as if some Cabinet was functioning. IT WAS MORE TO DO WITH THE NASTY disemboweling ELECTIONS slated next year.

The Dadri atrocity happened in Uttar Pradesh under the watchful eye of Akhilesh govt as did Muzzafarnagar atrocity. NEVER DID THE SECULARIST CALLED FOR SACKING OF AKHILESH AND IMPOSITION OF President’s rule. Despite that the worms are coming straight wriggling at Modi. EVEN THE PRESIDENT IS VOICING HIS EMPATHY TO THESE SECULAR FORCES. THESE ARE BAD SIGNS MEANT FOR LAYING THE GROUNDWORK TO SUPPLANT MODI BY ANY MEANS.

The latest comes from RBI Governor Rajan the blue-eyed boy of P Chidambaram. As FM PC was instrumental in pushing Indian economy to its DEATH ROLL. Rajan could have made sense if the orchestration against Modi was not being done on war-footing. MAKE NO MISTAKE. INDIAN FIFTH COLUMNISTS ARE WORKING OVERTIME. FOR WHOSE BENEFIT? THE BENEFICIARIES COULD BE MANY, including Pakistan.

THERE IS NO WAY FOR THE SECULARISTS TO FOOL THE INDIANS ASKING FOR A SECOND CHANCE AT POWER SO AS TO MAKE THIS PRIMORDIAL ANTINATIONAL FORCE WORK FOR DEVELOPMENT. But it can fool EASILY the people saying in a warped manner that “Modi is communalising and destroying india. We only can stop it.”


But the problem is more severe than understood. These quota depraved, secularly demented ones crawling out of the woodwork will not let it go without a try to the extent of harming integrity of India by fair means or foul.


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