JAB deep JALE Aana, Kasturi

Secularists like Rajdeep Sardesai always try to draw on a slippery secular wall and then blame the wall. They would never suggest for a minute that the wall can be dried by removing the slipperiness.

Instead of nitpicking if ink throwing is an act of violence or not why doesn’t these JOKERS answer if hobnobbing with the likes of Kasturis who are far worse criminals than Dawood Ibrahims — at least Dawood does it openly and admits to killing — as they were instrumental in spawning the huge hatred during their regime at India.

Sena may be doing all this for its own selfish political reasons. SO WHAT? Don’t we donate to beggars at temples with the selfish intent of passing the exam or getting a job?

SENA CANNOT STOP PAKISTAN FROM its MURDEROUS TREACHERY at THE BORDER. At LEAST IT CAN POINT TO TRAITORS WITHIN LIKE the Kulkarnis and the Mani Shankar Aiyers who pretend to be more Muslim than the Muslim and want India to be defenceless against treacherous attacks..


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