Vedic Brahmins realised their folly and 3000 years back stopped eating the flesh of cows or bulls. Some SECULAR BADMASH still repeat the lie that Vedic times people ate cow.

Secular thugs continue to spread the lies of the Westerners who had once dismissed Hinduism as an irrational ideology that compels people to overlook “nutritious food like the cow”.

Hindus are part of that ancient civilization, one of the earliest in human history,
Yes early Hindus ate flesh of cows or bulls at ceremonial feasts presided over by Brahmin priests. But later evolution was fast-paced and the people realized the horror of their action. And in the last 3000 years or so killing of cows for rituals or otherwise became taboo and so did beef consumption. These can be seen in royal edicts and religious texts.

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