MORBID CULT & hurt sentiments

When HINDUS were raped and converted to Islam; their villages pillaged and looted; their sons, daughters and wives maimed and brutalised and their temples in hundreds destroyed and the broken pieces buried under the entrance of mosques so that Islamic faithfuls can step over it when they enter to pray and worse their villages completely wiped out and those few who survived the marauders’ rampage were left shivering and tottering in a corner barely having a piece of cloth to hide their nakedness and YET despite all those untold brutalities for centuries HINDUS sentiments had never been hurt or any Hindu claimed otherwise.

BUTTTTTTT HINDUS SENTIMENTS WERE HURT WHEN THEY WERE ACCUSED BY A TREACHEROUS NEHRU even before the Independence in early 1930s when secularism was invented by him THAT Hindus WERE NOT to be trusted and had TO BE MADE SECULAR.

CONGRESS HAD ALREADY BASTARDISED INDIA DESTROYING THE SPIRIT OF “Sarva Dharma Sama Bhava.” This ancient Hindu concept embodied the equality of all religions. The concept was embraced by Ramakrishna and Vivekenanda, as well except the traitor Congress

Hindus from time immemorial when we had rishis and munis were preaching sarva dharma sama bhava or in other words were secular. Hindus always were taught to help others. SECULAR THUGS SHOULD READ THIS SLOKA WHICH AMPLY CLARIFIES how a Hindu should actually be:

…………………………….Bhavanti namraastarava phalodgamaih
…………………………….Navaambubhirbhoomivilambino ghanaah
…………………………….Anuddhataah satpurushaah samriddhibhih
…………………………….Swabhaava evaisha paropakaarinaam

{{ A Hindu is like a tree laden with fruits which bends down so that people may pluck and enjoy the fruits. They are like clouds laden with water coming down in the form of rain cooling the earth and watering plants and trees. Noble men of Bharatvarsha never were conceited when fortune embraced them but used their wealth to help others. This is the nature of Hindus who always helped fellow humans.}}


ONCE THE SECULAR RABID DOG WAS let loose to bite the Hindus than the Hindus sentiments started getting hurt as a reaction to the sentiments that often gets hurt OF A MORBID foreign CULT.

Won’t good boys in a class turn rogues if a teacher picks up one boy and labels him a “””GOOD BOY”””??? This is what happened to Hindus who have been made COMMUNAL by innuendos of SECULARISM. Curse be upon the antinational Congress.


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