TERRORISTS have religion

In the UN a BJP secularist suddenly wakes up to Pakistani lies on Kashmir and goes to give a speech to rebut what Pakistan says about Indian treachery on Kashmir.

COWARDLY India tied itself in knots with SECULARISM writ all over its face while daring to challenge Pakistani LIES and its occupation of a part of Kashmir. This lady secularist said BOMBASTICALLY that TERRORISTS HAVE NO RELIGION.

Indian secularists luxuriate in the belief that being secular is something noble indeed. These secularists luxuriating in the glorious jingle of secularism and the destructive quotas for the past 68 years have turned those sane into insane.

This week Modi’s voluble SANCHO PANZA was no better when it came to UTTERING LIES. She has the temerity to utter a ghastly lie saying “TERRORISTS HAVE NO RELIGION”

Madam Sushmaji, terrorists have religion; they pray five times and they follow their Holy Book to the T. Why did the Secularism in you force you to utter such a indecent lie to the world body?

Where has INDIA’s Satyameva Jayate gone? India is seeped in lies and utters lies when it suits it, especially in a World Body like the UN where India is already being looked down upon with suspicion for its dishonesty.


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