Katju will be appearing tonight at 8 p.m. on NDTV panel discussion live show anchored by Maya Mirchandani on killing of a Muslim allegedly for eating beef.

Nothing much to expect from him other than condemning those who protest against killing of Gau Matas of Hindus.

Even if an animal adorns the status of Mata in Hindu mythology for Katju it is a cause for ridicule and buffoonery. He has no time to show sensitivity to killing of larger animals even when such an act is clearly against the environment.

YOU CANNOT TERM THE PAST AS YOUR PRECEDENT IN JUSTIFYING EATING BEEF. IF THAT WAS SO pray WHY NOT ALLOW ANOTHER PROPHET FOR ISLAM TO REFORM THAT RELIGION? If all future prophets of Islam can be banned BY ONE SINGLE PROPHET and CAN BE morally tenable than why not accept Hindus adorning cow as Gau Mata? Selective amnesia is not the way forward. Katju must stop treating cow as “CHEAP source of PROTEIN” as if earth is short of vegetable proteins.

{{{{ see>>> below my earlier posting some months ago on this issue}}}}


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