When Empty Drama Rao became the CM of Andhra Pradesh I was then in Hyderabad Indian Express. Empty Dumpty knew about administration as much as filmstar Rakhee knows about Patnivrata. The EMPTY man won on cheap rice promise but became butt of jokes and it was soon clear that he had nothing to offer as he was bereft of ideas and bringing in dynamic people friendly policies to help those who need help.

Then suddenly presswallahs were told that this EMPTY man is going to hold a public rally at Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium (Fateh Maidan). And then some reporter ferreted out the truth that this nut was planning to hike quotas offhand to BCs (backward castes). And the worst fears came true.

EMPTY DRAMA RAO suddenly announced at the rally a WHOPPING, repeat WHOPPING hike of 19 PER CENT QUOTAS for BCs and gaining immediate notoriety.

THE MAD MAN HAD DISTURBED A HORNET’S NEST. Anti-quota stir began in right earnest and gained momentum to such an extent it forced EMPTY DRAMA RAO TO WITHDRAW THE hike in BC QUOTAS.

But then a far more serious problem cropped up. There was a counter protest against the withdrawal and even in a far away suburban place like Malkajgiri half a dozen buses were burnt.

I was standing on the road seeing this horror and asked an elderly gentleman who too watched the horror of India’s valuable properties being destroyed. Cursing the vandals I said they had no idea of their violent action. These monsters who burn public properties must be shot dead on the spot.

But this gentleman said something that brought me back to earth. He said: “i give you something free without you asking me. And than I take it back no sooner I had given you. Won’t you be angry enough to kick me in my face?”


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