For the idiotic Quota depraved India which has shamelessly “enshrined” caste quotas bereft of economic parameter into the Constitution and shockingly as a permanent measure, another mighty kick is set to be delivered on its face tomorrow by the well-to-do and powerful Patidar community of Gujarat.

Like the Gujjars FEELING short-changed by the VERY POWERFUL Meena community in Rajasthan and a terrified Vasundhara Raje government not willing to bell the fat Meena quota CATS and instead trying to throw Gujjars to the wolves, something similarly rotten is set to happen in Gujarat. OBC status for Patidars is not only a mockery of the India that was supposed to have come up after Independence but it evolved into a Quota derelict mental sanitarium that is fast going nowhere.

Tomorrow Gujarat will see an unexpected tornado led by Hardik Patel, 21, that will send jitters down Anandiben’s spine if Modi does not come to her rescue.

AS QUOTA POLITICIANS OFTEN DO, Anandi’s reaction to PATIDAR TERROR WAS a mock show of empathy by waving off rent on GMDC ground from where the MAMMOTH rally (25 lakh expected) begins. And after a public meeting there the swelling crowd would wend its way to Collector’s office at Subash Bridge to submit its demand for being termed backward and beggared.

Anandi has also waved toll tax for Patidar buses and cars and trucks coming into Ahmedabad tomorrow. Her bogus empathy is a sick admission that when it comes to the mass man’s might QUOTA INDIA QUIETLY caves-in.

I had covered a MASSIVE CONVENTION OF PATIDARS in Gandhinagar some years ago and I was impressed, let alone surprised, by their financial clout and organising strength. If Modi is not careful they can rub the Gujarat government’s nose in the dust and reduce Narendra Modi’s “chappan inch” chest to a few inches.

SICK caste-based politics coupled with Pakistan’s 1000 cuts has bastardized India to its core. Isn’t it a shame that Patidars should ask for reservation? BUT WHY?

Patidar perversion happens because – and I support Patidars in this – the present system of caste quotas are sucked and salted away by rich backwards while it is RELIGIOUSLY purveyed in the name of poor scheduled castes and backwards. IF THE RICH BACKWARDS CAN SWALLOW WHAT IS NOT THEIR DUE should Patidars not get the same benefit? WHAT IS sauce FOR THE GOOSE MUST BE sauce for the gander and GANDOOS.

THE PARADOX OF caste QUOTAS is — which political beggars refuse to accept — is that “YOU HAVE TO BE RICH or very rich TO ACCESS IT. ”

TIME QUOTA DEPRAVED SICK sinking INDIA ERADICATES THIS FRIGHTENING SCOURGE afflicting INDIA’s BODY POLITIC. Forget Pakistani nukes: Quotas are million times more dangerous than that.

If tomorrow Quota India tries to brazen it out (as it is bound to) it will be doing at its own peril.


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