BUFFET DINNER but NO “K” sweet?

NSA level talks are off because India caught Pakistan off-guard at Ufa and bamboozled it for talks cunningly avoiding Kashmir from the agenda.

QUOTA INDIA IS TOO CLEVER BY HALF. How can Pakistan – even if India fools it – ever agree for any talks without Kashmir? IT IS LIKE SAYING PAKISTAN SHOULD PRAY without reciting the Quran.

NSA level talks would have gone off very well if terror arising out of Kashmir imbroglio was set as the agenda so that K-imbroglio could be resolved along with the terror angle. PAKISTAN BELIEVES TERROR is the only way TO RESOLVE KASHMIR. Then how can you ask NSAs to talk only terror and not Kashmir? THIS IS QUOTA INDIA’S SELF-DECEPTION AT ITS WORST. Why blame Pakistan?

In other words NSA talks were non-starters ab initio (from the very beginning).

Like the Barmecide feast Quota India was planning its own brand of illusion to show to the world how sincere it is in resolving Kashmir issue through NSA talks. This is incomprehensible. It is like a class teacher asking the Principal not to come to school LATE.

QUOTA India IS NOT SERIOUS. All issues should be discussed INCLUDING TERROR AND KASHMIR. Terror cannot be delinked because TERROR IS STATE POLICY OF PAKISTAN and it uses terror to underpin its India policy. IF QUOTA INDIA FEELS BAD ABOUT IT then why doesn’t it destroy TERROR TRAINING CAMPS AT PoK? WILL THE NSA TALKS DESTROY THE TERROR-TRAINING CAMPS OF PoK?

Is it QUOTA INDIA’s contention that it DOESN’T know that terror is state policy of Pakistan? if NO it is thus far more incumbent on India to have included Kashmir and Terror so that something fruitful would come out of NSA talks.

QUOTA INDIA is terribly confused and WOULDN’T MAKE A BEGINNING ON KASHMIR; and Pakistan wouldn’t make a beginning on Terror. YASHWANT SINHA rightly said it is a “dialogue of deaf.”

QUOTA INDIA HAS BEEN LIFTING THE RICH OUT OF THEIR BACKWARDNESS by liberally SHOWERING caste quotas on them and that too to such an extent that accursed INDIA HAS BEEN PERMANENTLY and VERTICALLY DIVIDED for all time to come.

Now Quota stunt cannot work with Pakistan which has distaste to caste and for Quota India brazenly CASTEFYING itself. Ironically Pakistan wants genuine talks on KASHMIR which is the key to opening the ALI BABA’S CAVE of peaceful co-existence. IS THERE ANY logical meaning in TALKING only on TERROR WHEN KASHMIR is the MAIN problem, and all other issues secondary, for Pakistan?

IF IT WAS NOT FOR THE TRAGEDY of thousands of Indians losing their lives, the situation would have been humorous.

QUOTA INDIA did well to host BUFFET dinner for Pakistan. IT did well to take Pakistan to the dining TABLE AND SAY “lets eat.” BUT IT WAS FOOLISH OF QUOTA INDIA TO HAVE CRIED FOUL WHEN PAKISTAN LAID ITS HANDS ON THE “delicious” “K” sweet.

WHY CALL PAKISTAN TO BUFFET DINNER if you want it to eat as per your choice?



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