NSA : Nothing Substantial Achieved

Pakistan wants NSA level talks as badly as a junkie facing withdrawal symptoms wants drugs.

Quotaised secularly besotted India thinks that international community will shower hosannas for trying to bring a rogue Pakistan to heel through dubious talks.

BUT UNFORTUNATELY PAKISTAN WANTS A FIG-LEAF FOR KASHMIR AND INDIA IS PROVIDING IT unwittingly WITH THE TALKS that WILL GO NOWHERE UNLESS INDIA ITSELF COMING TO THE TABLE — asNarendra Modi so majestically put it at Dubai — talks turkey resolving it. Isn’t it strange that it is not the India’s intention to broach the very subject of Kashmir (which Pakistan considers as part of its territory) which it is trying to avoid?

India has gone overboard on its foolishness because if HEADS PAKISTAN WINS; TAILS INDIA LOSES.

Pakistan hopes that NSA level talks could be the monkey wrench to pry open the UN Kashmir resolution that has been declared outdated and time barred. Whether Pakistan will succeed or not is not the real question. Actually the question is should we provoke Pakistan with NSA TALKS when its quarter century of terror has failed to faze us??. THAT IS HUMDINGER OF QUOTA INDIA’S FOOLISHNESS.


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