Narendra Modi was raining today currency notes on MAHA DALIT BIHAR which thanks to Jungle Raj has become a beggared state.

Modi stood today on the soil of Bihar and was lavishly dipping into the Alladin’s lamp and phew! Crores, and LAKHS OF CRORES at that, came soaring into the air like a child blowing soap bubbles.

Addressing the veterans at a MAMMOTH election rally at Rewari in September 2013 – the huge turnout of veterans resembled the massive onslaught of German Army in 1941 on Russia in an operation called Barbarossa — Modi had promised OROP.

THIS FETCHED MASSIVE INFLOW OF VOTES THAT MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN BRINGING THE ANTINATIONAL CONGRESS TO ITS KNEES. Now Modi says OROP is a “complex” issue meaning the veterans can go to Hell and die for all he cares.

Now Dynasty Pappu is clever enough to think he has a big stick to beat Modi with when he went to Jantar Mantar and questioned rhetorically: “Why are you silent on OROP Mr Modi? You can give lakhs of crores to Bihar. Can’t you give 8000 crores to OROP?”

Pappu should know that Congress is a traitor which the people trusted and entrusted it to rule India. Quota Chidambaram had sanctioned Rs 500 crores for OROP. It was like sanctioning 2 biscuits and a cup of tea to a hungry Mike Tyson.

One Congress chamcha today said 500 crores for OROP though a pittance was meant only for 3 months before elections were to take place and Congress hoped the new government will do the ceremonies of fulfilling it.

Actually Congress thugs were bribing the veterans to win India for Dynasty 3rd time with a 500-crore bribe when they knew that rotten Dynasty was ready to be flushed down the toilet drain.

Modi must come out with a clear statement: LET HIM SAY OROP IS NOT POSSIBLE. OR IF POSSIBLE LET HIM GIVE A DATE OR QUIT.


Let there be no THUGGERY with Army’s unity & integrity.


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