Quota-DEPRIVED India watches FANFARE

Despite Quota India celebrating with fanfare I-Day the Quota-less India is not impressed. There seems to be a veil that separates the two. Could there be an astrological reason for this morbidity?

Somewhere in late 70s one Sastry had drawn the horoscope of India with birth date at 15-8-1947 and time 12 AM and analysed it thoroughly. He then wrote a very impressive article about it on the Edit Page of Deccan Chronicle lamenting that the day and the midnight hour chosen for independence was not only inauspicious but harmful too for India’s unity & integrity.

When I read the article it had enough ring of truth and in retrospect Sastry proved himself right with 75% India ghettoised on Quotas and 22% ghettoised on SECULARISM.

Everyone knows, especially the orthodox Hindus, that being born in day time is far more superior than at night. Day you have the full force of the Sun blessing you while at night it is only the grace of Moon which is otherwise a dark forbidden place except for its re-transmission of sunlight as cool light which indeed sustains us. THE SUN of course IS THE KING which decides OUR LIVES and makes us what we are by removing morbidity from our lives.. Period.

Is it for being born at night that our antinational quota politicians have been forced by some divine force to play cloak and dagger with the very unity and integrity of this nation. This treacherous act has not made the political skunks a wee-bit remorse.

Now is there any other country in this world which was born at ‘Midnight’ hour? Nehru’s maiden speech to the nation stated ‘At the stroke of the midnight hour when the world is asleep, India shall awaken into light and freedom’ has belied us.

Surprisingly astro pundits had warned Nehru not to take midnight hour for independence as the “COUNTRY SHALL FACE UTTER RUIN” but Nehru would not listen. But there is more to it how all the rotten things happened.

…………………………………….Why the 15th of August?

When Lord Mountbatten was chosen as the last viceroy it was to hand over Independence to us within a year. The Brits wanted to cut and run as Hitler had broken its back. This was what forced Clement Atlee the then British Prime Minister in asking Mountbatten to do the spadework for India’s independence.

When asked at a press conference in India about the date for India’s independence, Louis Mountbatten replied on the spur of the moment “15th of August” as this date was very memorable to him as he won a major victory in 1942 against the Japanese in the jungles of Malaya.

Therefore BY QUIRK OF FATE ‘15th of August 1947’ became official.

…………………………………….Why midnight?

Hearing 15th of August to be the independence day, leading astrologers in a delegation met Nehru and said, ‘This date is inauspicious and if India were to become independent on this date, the country shall face utter ruin’.

Nehru refused to pay heed and said most of HINDU India was illiterate and believed in archaic astrology and rebuked the astrologers saying, “if your statements were made public India’s morale at independence would take a beating that could not be easy to recover from.”

But Mountbatten too had CAST(e) our destiny in stone and Nehru who had other plans to divide and weaken India based on Quotas and Secularism {of which I had written aplenty} asked the astrologers to go back to the drawing board and recalculate without changing the DAY.

When the astrologers came back they said if the day cannot be changed then only option is midnight of 15th of August to save India from starry curse. India thus became a rare nation to achieve independence at the stroke of the midnight hour.

Astrologers had a reason to suggest thus. The midnight hour between Aug 14 and 15 means a new day according to English calendar while this is wrong as per Hindu calendar which says day starts at sunrise. To please Nehru they said midnight hour of 12 am is fine as per English calendar so the starry curse of 15 August had been obviated.

They further said the speech on transfer of power be done within “Abhijeet Muhurta” between 11:51pm & 12:39am ending the speech by 12 AM for holy conch (Shanka) to be blown to herald the birth of a new nation. The rest of course is disturbing history.

This sort of sleight of hand is practised even today by Hindu astrologers to evaluate someone born at 1am at night. Say someone born on 21st March night at 1.05 is treated as born on 22 nd March. Accordingly the horoscope is cast which is wrong because the Hindu calendar clearly says the day starts from sunrise. The child is actually born 21st not 22nd as the sunrise is still far away.

Many apologists of Nehru say that Nehru was against superstitions like astrology and he wanted to put India on the path of ‘scientific temper.’ DOES denying India’s cultural heritage and its past glory which deserves its due place be called “scientific temper?” Isn’t that what the venal Congress had been doing by running Hindus down to appease the Muslims?

Even Babu Rajendra Prasad, who later became the first President, was told by two famous Ujjain astrologers that astrologically midnight hour of 15th August was not auspicious.

Tragedy was Britain was not prepared to give leeway to Nehru or listen to any postponement either of shifting the date. British rulers made it clear that all they can do to help is the choice of any hour on 15th August night not on any other day. So to make best of bad bargain the midnight hour had to be set whether Nehru liked it or not as if Destiny WAS PLAYING ITS OWN QUOTA TRICK ON ALL OF US.

The sad fact is that the omen was bad even before the clock struck 12. The Indian independence movement was marked with violence and on 15 August 1947 the country stood divided. Celebrations were accompanied by bloodshed. AND INDIA CONTINUES TO BLEED EVEN IF WE HAVE BECOME PAST MASTERS IN CELEBRATING AN EVENT THAT WAS TIMED WRONG.


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