When Bombastic Kharge was making a bogus speech on Lalit Modi and the Speaker objected to him calling Lalit a “fugitive,” the destroyer and murderer of Andhra Pradesh Venkaiah Naidu coolly got up (as he did once telling Kurien that BJP wants Telangana to be formed) and said “HE HAS NO OBJECTION IN CALLING LALIT A FUGITIVE.”

Kharge was hardly amused at cowardly Venkaiah going on ALL FOURS. Congress continued to maintain the same contempt it reserves for worthies such as Venkaiah who can play Brutus if the need arises.

That gunning of Lalit started by retrospective changing a law to fix him for good shows there is a BJP-Congress conspiracy to nail a man who once was trying to clean Indian Cricket.

Today with Lalit Modi being shooed away, the BCCI has become “Bastards Control Cricket in India” and naturally everyone is happy that Lalit has been made to run for cover. However some top politicians in the country want Lalit to be fixed as they fixed Yakub Menon by vicariously hanging him in lieu of Dawood and Tiger Memon.

How can anyone call the former IPL commissioner Lalit an “offender” when no court of law has declared him so? Rajiv Shukla is a venomous ingratiating power broker and Arun Jaitley playing footsie with him shows something is rotten with our politicians.

For the record no court in India or abroad has declared Lalit Modi as an offender or a fugitive. Shameless Quota India is also ignoring what the UK said “NO LAWS OR RULES WERE VIOLATED WHILE ISSUING TRAVEL DOCUMENTS TO LALIT.”

Arun Jaitley was saying some type of blue corner notice was issued which is a lie, according to UK authorities.

For reasons known to itself the United Failure Alliance of Sonia while in power was gunning for Lalit and made him flee into a “political wilderness.”

Brutal Kharge – see how his monstrous face changed into extreme monstrosity when he foul mouthed the BJP today getting wild all of a sudden. Believe me it was scary – said Lalit was picnicking in foreign countries in the name of visiting Portugal. Isn’t Pappu often goes for picnicking? This Kharge vomit should shame even the shameless Congress.


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