Yesterday two Naidus: Chandrababu and Venkaiah and the antinational Congress combined claimed their first KILL.

Muni Koti who committed suicide dousing himself with petrol was hurt by the treacherous backstabbing depriving his state of special status that was promised on the floor of QUOTA Parliament by then Prime Minister of India.

Muni Koti died today at Chennai hospital. Surprisingly he is a follower of the Congress which Brutus like drove the dagger deep into Mother Andhra Pradesh.

If there is Oscar for MOCKING THE DEAD it should go to AP CM Chandrababu Naidu who paid tributes to Muni Koti. Parasites like Chiranjeevis too are sensing blood to keep themselves in circulation.


On February 20 of last year Manmohan announced grant of special category status including tax incentives to Seemandhra knowing well that ANTINATIONAL Congress led by Sonia Gandhi is on death bed and there is no chance of his promise coming to fruition give the wipe-out expected in the polls just a few months ahead.

YET there WAS political rat race TO FORM “illegal” TELANGANA.

The poor unsuspecting people of Seemandhra have been victim of a GREAT PARLIAMENTARY HOAX WHEN ILLEGAL TELANGANA WAS CREATED BY A SUBTERFUGE. Like Supreme Court caving in on Mandal, it has not taken notice of blatant political disregard of parliamentary and assembly niceties that form the very core principles of democracy in forming Telangana.

STILL QUOTA INDIA keeps spreading the myth that it IS A DEMOCRACY.

Unscrupulous Venkaiah Naidu has totally misled Modi on forming Telangana by hook or crook. The Goebbels who rules Telangana now has a nice fat cake which looks delicious on the platter.

The Goebbels was consistently spreading lies about Andhra looting Telangana and telling the people that Andhra “looteras” were responsible for Telangana’s backwardness. The semi-starved beggars began believing it and came on the streets shouting JAI TELANGANA. This fetched Goebbels his fiefdom but the consequences of his actions and those staged at Delhi by the DARK FORCES OF QUOTA INDIA in broad daylight is still unfolding.


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