On NDTV Laloo once said: “bandar jaisa sanp ko ragad ragad ke marta hain main useh ragad ragad ke maroonga.” Laloo was never been so angry in his life. GUESS WHO THIS GENTLEMAN WAS WHO EARNED LALOO’S IRE?

He is Ramvilas Paswan who infuriated Laloo so much that it is a miracle that Paswan is alive today.

MODI IS KEEPING PASWAN IN HIS BOSOM. Does Modi realise the danger when he seems blinded by Bihar elections? Ravishankar Prasad or Arun Jaitley can caution Modi that Paswan is utterly opportunistic, poisonous and dangerous.

This Paswan began his career as an expert barnacle (barnacles are crustaceous leech-like creatures which stick to a ship’s undercarriage. Once they do that they are difficult to be removed).

First he attached to Deve Gowda who was the PM by inveigling into his trust. One day Gowda was speaking in Parliament about his hand picked CBI chief Joginder Singh on Bofors. Paswan sitting next to him raised his hands and touched Gowda’s upper arm and said: “THERE CAN BE NO PRIME MINISTER SO NICE LIKE HIM.” Gowda was fooled.

His conspiracy in USING ARJUN SINGH helped pitchfork KG Balakrishnan to Supreme Court’s CJI’s chair because KGB was a Dalit and Paswan was lusting to see Supreme Court “dalitised from top to bottom.” THAT IS HOW DANGEROUS THIS MAN IS. It was disgusting to see Paswan giggling when KGB was being sworn. I SHUT MY TV off.

And then this barnacle artist could have inflicted fatal bite to Vajpayee when the latter foolishly gave him the telecommuniation portfolio. Paswan was so shameless that he announced free telephones to all the BSNL employees. THE NATION WAS SHOCKED INTO SILENCE. But some brave guys in Kerala filed a PIL in Kerala High Court. Then a terrified Vajpayee to avoid being embarrassed by court rap on knucles sent this barnacle to Coal Ministry. NOW CAN ANYONE GIVE COAL AWAY TO ITS EMPLOYEES?

This barnacle was so angry at Vajpayee removing him from telecommunication ministry that he would have gladly done what Laloo wanted to do with him to Vajpayee. HE QUIT after ABUSING VAJPAYEE WHO INDEED HAD A LUCKY ESCAPE.

HIS MOST SHAMEFUL DEED WAS WHAT HE DID AS RAILWAY MINISTER. This utterly cynical monster announced that there will be no reservation in all long distance trains during the day. IT WAS MEANT FOR BIHARI LUMPENS, AMONG OTHERS, TO GET INTO RESERVED COMPARTMENTS AND ENJOY A FREE RIDE. (As if they don’t do it already). Mercifully the monster went soon away when fresh LS election came around and a new railway minister annulled his depraved action.

Now the barnacle artist as usual was very smart attaching himself to Modi’s undercarriage when he smelled, like a vulture does, death of Congress.

If Modi thinks Dalit image of this barnacle is an asset in Bihar none can be more foolish than him.



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