Accidents are accidents and are bound to happen anywhere. But when carelessness leads to accidents can they be called accidents?

Derailment of Kamayani Express and Janata Express would not have happened if Quota Railways was alert about the flood-like situation following continuous rain and the shaky old bridge being suspect. In today’s world of technology and modern equipments the bridge should have been kept under observation.

FORGET ABOUT QUOTA RAILWAYS CRYING FOR THE DEAD. THEY DON’T EVEN BOTHER TO PROVIDE WATER AT TIMES TO HARASSED PASSENGERS OR WHEN CHAIN-SNATCHING OCCURS IN A CLOSED BOGIE AT NIGHT. I saw chain-snatching early morning in the compartment with the windows closed while coming from Chennai to Hyderabad. The lady who lost her chain and those nearby were totally confused because someone had already entered the compartment and lying in wait before making a quick getaway.

QUOTA THUGS REFUSE TO PRIVATISE THE RAILWAYS BECAUSE wouldn’t then India look UN-BEGGARLY which will be against the spirit and grain of the quota-secular Constitution???


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