RED DAY FOR INDIA, Black Day for Venal Congress

Sonia Gandhi calls suspension of her MPs as “Black Day for Democracy.”

Indian National Congress is utterly shameless. It wants India to remain beggared, quotaised, mired in poverty so that everyone would keep asking for backward status and then the Dynasty can give out alms and charity. Will this make beggars sit down and sing hosannas of AMMA SONIA is a million dollar question.

Disrupting Parliament was the most criminal act of venal Congress which is neck deep in looting INDIA FOR PAST 66 YEARS. It is without a fig leaf and is trying to brazen it out by throwing mud at Modi who has a CLEAN PERSONAL RECORD SO FAR NOT BESMIRCHED BY ANY CHARGE OF CORRUPTION.

Communists flourished FOR DECADES thanks to IMMORAL CONGRESS. Today all secularists, including the communists, have come under one umbrella to lambast the decision to suspend 25 nondescript men of Congress in a MOCK show of solidarity and thereby making themselves a laughing stock in the eyes of the world.

What about Anand Sharma who was seen signalling today to his MPs to shout and disturb the house? Why is he not suspended? What is so special about him?

Clutch of SECULAR bandwagon travellers of Congress like Trinamool, NCP, CPI(M), unscrupulous AAP and Janata (Dal) United ARE BEHAVING LIKE CORNERED RATS as the unlimited freedom they had to make monkey out of Indians under erstwhile United Failed Alliance has been missing ever since BJP’s Modi rule came into being.


Thanks to Speaker finally showing “some” guts hopefully things can change if firmness when called for is shown promptly and swiftly.


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