Thank God quotaised, secularised Indians did not vote for Sonia Gandhi and bringing her back as the United Failed Alliance for the third time.

During UFA’s second innings nearing its end Kapil Sibal started baring his Dracula teeth in vicious fury trying to slap severe punishment on those who expressed contrarian opinion on anti-national Indian National Congress. The signs were very dangerous as Quota Chidambaram’s son too was acting as the Lord of the Universe by sending someone behind bars for his tweet.

Starving Indian beggars, by some miracle, voted for Modi and rejected the venal Congress thereby saving all our skin which otherwise would have been nailed to the notice board by now.

But Modi government instead of focusing on development projects has been joy riding all over the world or going tangent trying to block porn sites.

THERE ARE TRILLIONS OF PORN SITES. HOW WILL MODI BLOCK ALL OF THEM? Why waste time and energy when Quota Parliament has become dysfunctional and a brutal question mark hanging over India’s growth story with Congress Shylocks already snatching their pound of flesh to punish beggars who failed to vote for them to power by disabling the Parliament for a long time to come?

If Modi loses focus than it is curtains for India and Indians, even if they are quotaised and secularised.


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