Barkha Dutt smartly asks a Mumbai blast victim at WE THE PEOPLE a loaded question whether hanging of Yakub is justified.

The victim, as his is wont, promptly answers in affirmative: “SAZA (punishment) TOH MILNA CHAHIYE” (Punishment has to be given).

Not one moron dares to ask her or elucidate to her: “Wasn’t 22 years a punishment? That too when Yakub was kept for most of the 22 years in solitary confinement (even life term is 14 years, not 22 years, and without solitary confinement)?”

SO THE BRUTAL “SAZA” OF 22 YEARS DOESN’T COUNT or HAS TO BE IGNORED, Right? Only the death sentence, which is actually getting vicarious pleasure of hanging Dawood and Tiger Memon, counts?

Why “legal murder” of Yakub is jarring because as I have written earlier there is no direct evidence linking Yakub to blasts; the bomb planters being treated differently vis-a-vis Yakub, plus there being so many inconsistencies in the trial procedure. Even the Supreme Court judge Kurian Joseph talked of “procedural violation” pointing to the two judges who had heard Yakub’s review petition not being part of the bench that dismissed his curative petition on July 21 which should never have happened. Nor was Yakub given 14 days to challenge rejection of mercy plea which was his intrinsic legal right, if there is such a thing as India’s Constitution.


Finally what sort of debate is Barkha conducting that gilds the lily and fools the listener?


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