WHEN NEHRU’s die was CAST(e)

Before our youths understand why Pakistan is such a deadly enemy of ours and wants to see us dead – Kashmir is not the main cause though; a DECAYED quota Indian STATE IS — one needs to understand the workings of Indian Political mindset engendered by a divisive Constitution that singularly discriminates between Indians on caste, religion and region. (Even a cursory glance at its provision will show it. Don’t be FOOLED if Art 16 says all are equal (No citizen shall be discriminated against…) as it also says in the same breath “Parliament is not barred from making any law to discriminate against you and me.” It is like the Constitution saying MALE is a male and can also be a female if Parliament thinks so.

When Nehru saw the possibility of India gaining Independence in the thirties and then saw that Independence was round the corner in the 40s thanks to Hitler breaking His Majesty’s back, he feared HINDU INDIA will be ENEMY OF ISLAM if Hindus by quirk of Fate TURN UNITED IN RESOLVE and be a ONE NATION of Hindus. More than protecting Muslims on a SHADY Secularism he FEARED Hindu consolidation as his First Enemy. THE Hindus MUST NEVER BE UNITED COME WHAT MAY was his gut feeling .

What if somehow a seed of divisiveness is planted to be harvested leisurely in the future for his Congress tribe and Dynasty to rule and which can serve well for the Muslims too? For introducing the deadly virus to destroy the Hindu bond between the havenots and the haves invidious Quotas had to be designed to smash the immunity of the newly formed body politic. Once the Hindu rich and powerful were marginalised by quotas by terming them upper class or caste, the Quota virus can also take care of the powerful evolving backward rich underdogs who would already be a political prisoners of Congress in power expecting more of the same quota lollipops by sheer human habit.

What if it is detriment to the poor Indians? No problem as long as the Congress was getting two mangoes with one stone: A PERENNIALLY DIVIDED INDIA WITH A PERENNIALLY RULING CONGRESS THAT WOULD FACE LITTLE OR NO OPPOSITION. In Nehru’s feverish imagination this sounded as thrilling an affair as Hitler’s feverish imagination scenting victory by crossing the impossible Russian swamps to rub Stalin’s nose on the ground.

Nehru needed someone who had an inbuilt hatred against Upper Caste Hindus, preferably against rich Maharaja Hindus who could easily upset his quota-secular apple cart, so that his chestnuts can be pulled out of the fire without disturbance or suspicion. None was suited to this task more than Ambedkar who had this grudge. And so Nehru saw to it that AMBEDKAR would finally COME TO WRITE THE INDIAN CONSTITUTION “SOLO” WITHOUT ANY OPPOSITION, WALKOUT OR ABUSE. Once Ambedkar had his own way to reframe India’s QUOTA DESTINY the Nehruvian DIE WAS CAST(e).

Once India was destroyed within never to regain her original unity “katl ki raat”was truly over. Momentum has its own way of gathering without antinational politicians realising it. Those who were forcibly given Quota tonic to sip were those who least needed. They began behaving like the proverbial tiger having tasted human blood. Their demand for constant supply of quota tonic became insistent. ANTINATIONAL CONGRESS and its fellow communist travellers failed to realise the sickening dilemma as the Quota TIGER threatened one hella of a square meal if anyone wanted to dismount.

Thus India suffers. India’s suffering was turning into a peculiar Quota Stockholm Syndrome which began afflicting even the media forcing it to maintain a stoic political correctness.

Misplaced sympathies always lead to perverted symbolism. This is how the media reacted, for instance, when two “weak” underdogs (girls) of Rohtak took on the fierce male “barbarians” in the bus some time back which proved to be false case of harassment. Rohtak incident has an umblical connection to our quota induced perverted thinking which has gripped the media. THE DAMAGE THE QUOTAS HAVE DONE and its full impact may never be revealed until – like the Harappa and Mohenjadaro excavation — historians one day sit down on the ruins of India poring over the scattered evidence.

No antinational politician’s career is strong unless he recites QUOTA KALIMA. Nehru had seen to it that it becomes part of NATIONAL subconscious. The Kalima has made us to judge the right as wrong and wrong as “worthy of emulation.” Quota syndrome makes us do what the MASS MAN on the street wants us to do. It has nothing to do with morality, ethics or patriotism. This helps to keep the quota rich continually fattened tethered to the backward category in a mock quota felicity even if it means a direct AFFRONT to the poor. Those who support this quota state of affairs out of ignorance wallow in the mess India is in.

All backward castes – or those who have been given that epithet like Jats – have been placed on Quota bandwagon to get the jaunty feeling of a happy ride by Quota RULERS with no “Mai Ka Lal” daring to question why the poor crying for succor are dumped out of the wagon .

It is taboo to point a finger at the creamy layer — as the CPM leader Brinda Karat BRILLIANTLY ESPOUSED IT ONCE warning everyone on NDTV “how can there be any creamy layers among Dalits?” EITHER SHE WAS TOTALLY IGNORANT OR TOTALLY SHAMELESS TO ASK SUCH A DISEASED QUESTION.

Quota politics is a free-for-all affair. Like the Wild West Man drawing the fastest rod in the land to show his greatest libido in getting to enjoy the woman he is fighting for, those who make merry shamelessly mocking at the poor through Quota Social Justice are the ones who have political and financial muscle to draw their rod in the name of social justice.

I recall a shocking article in now defunct political weekly “SUNDAY” on Jagjivan Ram’s Sasaram bungalow while he was still in limelight. A photo of his bungalow revealed a shocking tale.

It showed countless huts dotting the bungalow in a circle abutting the compound wall. The huts were in disrepair, while the bungalow stood somewhat cynically and majestically.

Babuji, as he was called, was a great Dalit leader only next to Ambedkar and every political party was wooing him and he turned out to be the MAIN CAUSE for Janata Party SEIZING power when Emergency Empress fell by the wayside.

Now the question is not what he did for Dalits. FORGET IT. Question is what did he do to the hutment-dwellers at his own doorstep? Had he thought about them sincerely SUNDAY magazine would not have had the story nor its reporter gone all the way to Sasaram.

As per quota logic Babuji had to be made the epitome of and beneficiary of ALL social justice goodies because anything that accrues to him would be to show the world how the Indian state takes care of the poor and downtrodden.

THE SAME QUOTA LOGIC IS APPARENT IN YAKUB HANGING. Hanging Yakub Quota India is showing to the world it is not cowardly as is being made out but in effect is really hanging Dawod and Tiger Memon!!! It adds up to the same logic when goodies were conferred on Jagjivan Ram supposedly all of them going to Dalits “suppressed for centuries.” That is why one needs to oppose hangings such as Yakub’s. Not simply on lack of enough evidence to kill Yakub but to use him as a whipping boy for Dawood and Tiger in a weird Quota Logic.

CAN ANY DALIT BE CATAPULTED TO FAME AND GLORY WITHOUT QUOTAS is the message being sent repeatedly despite cynics like me ruing the fact that this is not the way to rebuild a prosperous and merited India.

And this is what drove VP Singh to Himalayan MADNESS in ramming the Mandal down not only our throats, EVEN down THE SUPREME COURT’s throat. When hundreds of boys and girls in their teens were committing suicide in protest, apart from Goswami having set himself on fire and later dying, Quota Kalima was being recited religiously by MANDAL Singh. FOR NEMESIS THIS WAS TOO MUCH. It sent a BRAHMASTRA of punishment called CANCER TO CLAIM MADMAN VP SINGH WHO had shaken INDIA like NEVER BEFORE. Incidentally when he was treated for cancer in a London hospital at Quota India’s cost DMK chief sends a special doctor to take care of Mandal Singh. Talk about Quota bonhomie!

SHOWERING RICHES on Dalit Jagjivan Rams is equated by the Quota India as synonymous to the glorious feeling of being poor who misguided in their glorification prefer to remain poor and un-protesting while the politicians go fatter and fatter. The poor are taught to relish and luxuriate in this fantasy even if that means DEATH TO MERIT. But the naked loot by QUOTA rich never falls into realm of political discourse as quota syndrome had ALREADY defined the Lakshman rekha of political correctness.

I am sure a few of the Sasaram Dalits today might have achieved something better and beyond their grinding poverty once they knew they were cheated by a CORRUPT, QUOTA STATE. And MAKE NO MISTAKE they could only have done it despite the caste quotas devised “SOLELY” for them which sadly has been bagged by POLITICAL CARPETBAGGERS.
The question is therefore what difference did Jagjivan Ram make to lives of the poor?

ZILCH. All Jagjivan Ram did was ONLY in setting a world record for himself remaining a member of Parliament until his death in 1986 for a mindboggling 40 years (not counting his earlier stint in British India). If the earlier stint in British India is taken his uninterrupted parliamentary innings from 1936 to 1986 is truly mindboggling overtaking only the one set by Tony Benn of the British Parliament (1950-2001).

La affaire Jagjivan Ram is a sad but disgusting SCANDALOUS STORY for Dalits of India who were said to be “suppressed for centuries” and continue to stay condemned as Dalits (notwithstanding the sarkari Dalits who have become show pieces of being rich, prosperous and “merited”).

They real Dalits will continue to be Dalits in grinding poverty for ages to come without any politician openly acknowledging that Dalits are as much self-respecing Indians as their counterparts called Forward CASTE/CLASS.

BUT THE STORY IS NOT ENDING WITH DALITS as they form only a minuscule part of INDIA’S TRAGIC STORY.

The Supreme Court caving in TO BRUTE MANDAL TERROR had made OVER HALF OF INDIA ENTOMBED in a virulent QUOTA embrace.


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