Cricket is a cancer that Quota depraved India loves. What ISIS is to Syria, cricket is to India. Cricket is a coin whose other side is corruption.

Today 3 spot-fixers got away without a scratch and are now claiming innocence thanks to the court judgment.

Spot-fixing is part of a well-organised crime syndicate and Sreesanth and others were foolish enough to fall into its net tempted by easy money. They deserve some sympathy because lure of money is too powerful to ignore. But that cannot be an excuse to forgive their crime when so much evidence was presented by police including the audio tapes.

When Neeraj Kumar’s men were surfing the air waves to see what the sleeping cell terrorists were talking to their Pakistani handlers they heard to their surprise Sreesanth indulging in this racket and talking turkey.

Neeraj before arresting them made sure they would do what they said on telephone of doing (for instance Sree wearing his white handkerchief on his hip before bowling a particular ball, among others). Unsurprisingly all three did what was expected by their overseas criminals. Then Neeraj moved in to make the arrests.

MCOCA was rightly applied on these three as their crime was part of an organised Crime Syndicate which was fixing the spots in overs. DECADES AGO BOMBAY UNDERWORLD WAS RUNNING A RACKET CALLED “BRACKET” WHICH WAS SPREAD ALL OVER INDIA EVEN IN LANES AND BYLANES. Now Cricket has become the Bracket.

HOWEVER THE FIRST WARNING of QUOTA INDIA IN ACTION came when the three secured bail easily despite being booked under MCOCA’s section 21 (4) which prohibits bail. How then did the magistrate act contrary to the law and grant bail on June 2013?


BCCI is “Board of Cricket Corruption of India” and IPL is “Indian Promiscuous League.”

For those who are let off today it is time to do a jig singing hallelujah for Quota India with a guitar strumming in their hands. These type of miracles can happen only in Quota India.



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