I have wondered often if India is a democracy because hallmark of any democratic system is to make the politicians — who morphise into MLAs, MPs and ministers — accountable to citizens. No political quota-secular scum is ever punished and the least punishment they get is when they lose the election (sometimes they rig the election winning despite losing if P Chidambaram’s case is anything to go by). They are truly emboldened and “throwing out the rascals” is indeed a herculean task for semi-starved and starving Indians.

Now for past two days Parliament is being held for ransom. Antinational Congress wants resignations before allowing debate without explaining what rule Sushma Swaraj and Raje had violated. WHAT SORT OF LOGIC IS IT? Won’t the same Congress tomorrow give a list of names calling for resignations before allowing Parliament to function?

The monsters who are holding the Parliament are wasting “OUR” money which comes to Rs 9 crore per day. Those who want to see Quota India backward and beggared are now in Opposition and they feel justified that if Parliament does not function it will keep their ideology of a beggared India safe and sound. ALL PROGRESSIVE DISCUSSIONS HAVE CEASED LONG AGO. Parliament is there for grabs and for subversion if one wishes so as the case of “illegal” Telangana is a classic example.

I WILL BLAME THE SPEAKER. She has not punished one single MP despite having the powers to do so. What sort of an approach is this when the culprits who wantonly disturb the parliamentary proceedings are being handled with kids gloves? Is Sumitra Mahajan afraid or plainly incompetent?

Can we see such behaviour from the British Speaker of the House of Commons? There the rules are strictly enforced. Any MP disregarding the Speaker’s instructions is considered a breach of the rules of the House and he or she will face suspension. One day suspension is quickly imposed before the next step follows.

Interestingly in British Parliament a Speaker is totally neutral unlike in India where a chamcha can be anointed as one by the ruling party. SOMETIMES DALITS ARE pitchforked AS SPEAKERS TO SHOW TO THE WORLD HOW MUCH INDIA is COMMITTED TO SOCIAL JUSTICE WHEN MANUAL SCAVENGING GOES ON BLITHELY. What sort of social justice is it when poor suffer and rich enjoy the goodies? Asatyameva Jayate is indeed a glorious Indian phenomenon.

All British Speakers so far have been strictly following “DENISON’s RULE” which means when the speaker has to cast his vote in the event of a tie he does so to further the debate to resolve the tie, or, when no further debate is possible votes to maintain status quo. HE WILL NEVER VOTE FOR A CHANGE WHEN THERE IS A TIE BECAUSE NO CHANGE SHOULD BE EVER BROUGHT IN WHEN THE MAJORITY DOES NOT APPROVE OF IT.

IN CONTRAAST see how our leaders have set bad precedents when there is a tie.


As presiding officer of the Constituent Assembly, Dr.Rajendra Prasad saw that the house was exactly and evenly divided over making Hindi as official language even after the third and final reading of the draft provision. Instead he cast his vote in Hindi’s favour when English was then the official language. He plainly ignored “Denison’s rule” {why he did so is not clear when WE HAVE shamelessly COPIED/STOLEN WEST MINSTER’S MODEL} to maintain the status quo of English.

By casting his vote in favour of Hindi Prasad stirred a hornet’s nest with South erupting in rage. THERE IS NOTHING SPECIAL ABOUT HINDI EXCEPT THAT IT deserves only to be one OF THE 23 LANGUAGES OF INDIA WHILE ENGLISH IS NEUTRAL AND A WORLD LANGUAGE.

Using Hindi as a divisive tool both North and South politicians gained enormously harming Mother India. Sadly they should have gained too in Kashmir with their proclivity to divisiveness but have come cropper managing to leave behind a “divisive tandav.”

Once Hindi was made the blue-eyed boy every state has made its OWN language a blue-eyed boy. When the great son of India C Subramaniam (who was minister of Finance and minister of Defence in the union cabinet) visited Karnataka he got a shock. He later wrote that he felt he was in a foreign country because every goddamn thing was written in Kannada. When he went to Karnataka Assembly he was again shocked. Nowhere there was English. WHY SUCH IDIOCY? Of course none can beat the Kannadigas in language chauvinism.

Paradoxcially Gujarat is still worse. THE POLICE WILL KICK YOU OUT OF POLICE STATION IF YOU dare to GIVE A COMPLAINT in English. You have to write it either in Hindi or Gujarati. Does Narendra Modi or Anandiben Patel know about this WRETCHED STATE OF AFFAIRS?

India has been bastardized on the basis of caste, language, religion and region. This has led to spread of backwardness or a “feeling” of backward even among the IAS officers.


Is Parliament losing relevance when it gets PERPETUALLY immobilised either by the Tweedledums or Tweedledees?

Modi unfortunately is too scared to bring those who disturb Parliament to book.



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