STOP whining at PAKISTAN

Today in every TV channel Hindi or English there is rampant beggary to be seen by Indian commentators and its moderators analyzing the expected latest shock from Pak that voice samples of Lakhvi will not come.

Pak commentators too are participating and I AM NOT SURE they are enjoying the abject begging of QUOTA INDIANS whining “PLEASE BRING LAKHVI TO BOOK.” Instead most of them are using platitudes saying India is a great nation and how sweet Indians are.

Last year, even till early January this year, all Pak commentators were acting tough and most tough was the Admiral Javed Iqbal who was both abusing and taunting and mocking “if you have the guts attack Pakistan.”

Today the admiral is uncharacteristically subdued and so polite that many of us feel it will be better if he goes back to abusing us once again.

Why make a fuss over one LAKHVI? Hafiz Saeed is the actual mastermind if Kasab is to be believed. At best Lakhvi can be a JOINT MASTERMIND with Saeed..

And there are total 7 culprits, including Lakhvi and Saeed, who staged the Mumbai terror. Surprisingly, the 7 are not really guilty as they are only foot soldiers, apart from the 10 who came to India, because REAL MASTERMINDS ARE PAKISTAN ARMY, THE ISI AND THE then POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT of President Zardari and Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani. OF COURSE THE BIGGEST CRIMINAL WAS PM Manmohan Singh who failed to retaliate when India’s sovereignty and integrity was raped by Pakistan on the Black Day of 26/11 even after Pakistani Govt within a few days of the attack began mocking at us.

{WHEN THE MUMBAI TERROR ATTACK WAS IN PROGRESS PAK TV WAS SAYING — whose video was seen by most of us — THAT BAJRANG DAL men with saffron bands tied to their hands were STAGING THE ATTACK. And on DAY 3 AFTER MUMBAI ATTACK ENDED ZARDARI WAS SAYING OPENLY waving his hand in CONTEMPT: “Someone attacked them and they are blaming us.” Gilani not to be outdone was asking Indian reporters “where is the proof” after ABJECT Congress cowards had sent SEVEN voluminous DOSSIERS}

TODAY MODI IS DOING another ABJECT Vajpayee secular act — knowingly or unknowingly — by embracing NAWAZ SHARIF who at best is a barren bridegroom and a dummy of Pak Army. Despite that BJP idiots are tomtoming over a “breakthrough” when PAKISTAN IS NOT EVEN INTERESTED TO PUNISH THE SCAPEGOATS let alone the real masterminds like army chief Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kayani who oversaw the Mumbai terror attack along with his ISI boss Ahmad Shuja Pasha.(a former CIA officer Bruce Riedel has revealed how ISI staged the whole 26/11 attacks)

Most Indian TV CHANNELS are BEGGING PAKISTAN on DAILY BASIS THAT SOMEONE in Pakistan punish 26/11 perpetrators. See where QUOTA mentality has led us to : begging and shamelessness.

What then is the option?

If India has something to show that it still is a मर्द (manly) it must enforce the accession agreement of Maharaja Hari Singh by re-taking PoK.


Pakistan cannot be the FIRST to USE the nuclear option. Even if beggared quota India does not retaliate the consequences of its action extends much beyond India. Other countries will step in to finish Pakistan and it will be treated worse than a pariah dog for its opprobrium. AND the NUCLEAR WINTER that will set in paradoxically will engulf Pakistan as badly as us and even without beggared India not retaliating Pakistan will suffer and will face extinction for its folly. SO PAK WILL NEVER WISH TO FACE A NUCLEAR WINTER let alone A NUCLEAR counter ATTACK or invite any reprisal from India or world community.

Then what is the SOLUTION?

The best option is make KASHMIR A SWITZERLAND. But Quota depraved politicians will not do that as they thrive on chaos and poverty.

So next BEST option — amply FEASIBLE — is to quarantine Pakistan. Cut off all ties political, economic and cultural or whatever.

WHY IS QUOTA cowardly INDIA not QUARANTINING PAKISTAN? The 26/11 culprits, howsoever mighty they may be, cannot be brought to book for another 1000 years let alone in this decade. QUARANTINE IS THE BEST OPTION AVAILABLE. Didn’t QUOTA INDIA DO THAT TO NEPAL FOR 3 continuous DAYS? THEN WHY NOT TO PAKISTAN WHICH IS fairly SIMPLE?

Sadly traitors are everywhere in India running the show. India’s bloodstream has lost its immunity thanks to viral infection like quotas and secularism.

ALL THAT Lakhvi AND Saeed are ASKING cowardly India now is to allow them to laugh. WHY SPOIL THEIR SHOW?


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