Long time back when I was in TOI, Ahmedabad producing editions a few elderly, hard-core deskwallahs always used to ask whether it is SubramaniaN Swamy or SubramaniaM swamy. I used to tell them if you think Swamy is Tamilian it is 100% “N” and if you consider him Telugu it is 100% M at the end of his name. AS SIMPLE AS THAT. BELIEVE ME DESPITE MY CLARIFICATION NONE WAS WILLING TO BELIEVE ME WHAT I SAID AND THIS confusion CONTINUED TILL I LEFT THE ORGANISATION.

That is how journalists work. Fear in mind; smelling LIBEL in every nook and corner that too in a quota depraved lawless country like India and always suspicious of something. AND the MOST FOUL ABOUT TOI WAS its CALLING Dawood Ibrahim as Mr Dawood which was nauseating to say the least.

HOW CAN ANYONE, least of all a self-styled Times of India, CALL A MOST NOTORIOUS CHARACTER as Mr? Thank God I felt good when I joined the Express. No sooner I joined I raised this point with the editor of Express and believe it or not within a few days he ordered “THERE SHOULD BE NO misters (Mr) to be used for anyone.”



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