MONSTROUS Bollywood in entertaining Indians had turned them into beggars by feeding inanities, among it chiefly being that every love affair begins with hero wooing with a song and the heroine admirably reciprocating. The hero usually is a very poor roadside car mechanic and the herione who has car trouble coming to him accidentally seeing him working in the garage that is close to where her car broke down.

Unfortunately beggars, with half-filled stomachs, literally began believing what they see the hero as a lucky winner and heroine too magnanimous to marry the poor mechanic. The beggars even believed that both hero and heroine were excellent singers when singing was done playback.

BOLLYWOOD is an antinational force as it is the parallel (black) economy driving India forward and funds political thuggery. Most shockingly money which flows into its donation box comes from characters such as Dawood who invest to get good returns.

Most of these Bollys are SELFISH and arrogant fools. They care too hoots about the poor and their greed knows no bounds. So naturally CONGRESS TRAITORS admirably underpinned them for a symbiotic relationship going to the extent of turning Bollywood into law unto itself. See how Dharmendra was not punished for his bigamy and the law was made irrelevant.

Dharmendra is not the only one. Many are the transgressor of the law. At least Dharmendra made a show, even if secretly, converting to Islam to claim relief from bigamy. Indian Bollywood today is solely CONGRESS CREATION TO DRIVE THE PEOPLE SILLY SO THAT VOTING IS DONE WITHOUT a functional BRAIN.


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