VYAPAM SCAM: Congress’s envy, BJP’s PRIDE

Once the political thugs began MURDERING MERIT with invidious caste Quotas thereby polluting admissions and promotions across the length and breath of India a permanent scar was bound to be left behind on the breast of Mother India.

This quota wound over the years became a permanent festering puss compounded as it was with abject surrender by the Supreme Court to quota thugs. Supreme Court could have saved the nation had it not given quotas — which was to end after 10 years of independence — a legal fig-leaf to what is basically a political method of breaking and beggaring India to WIN AND WOO VOTES.

Had the SC not caved in to Quota Mandalisation let loose by VP Singh when India was split vertically and permanently INTO TWO blocs, I am sure the Mandalised India in which we live today would not have seen a mindboggling scam called VYAPAM SCAM. Quotas have completely DERANGED AND DISTURBED the ethical, moral and legal values of Indian citizens or to be more precise quota citizens but this scam, more specifically, could have been triggered by those who do not have the luxury of quotas and are at disadvantage for being in the NON-QUOTA category. This could be the upper class or caste (or whatever damn thing it is) way of taking on and demolishing their opponent’s quota advantage.

BUT Vyapam Scam – MOTHER OF ALL SCAMS – born as an end result of all that had happened to India’s vulgar polity when Mother India lay bleeding is so humongous that TRUTH MAY TAKE TIME OR MAY NOT COME OUT AT ALL..

Quota traitors may pretend not to be singed by Vyapam scam but believe me this SCAM TRULY is so horrendous and its true impact may not be yet known.

ALL SCAMS OF CONGRESS TRAITORS LOOK LIKE CHICKEN FEED in front of Vyapam scam. This scam is all about manipulation in the selection process for government colleges and jobs conducted by the Madhya Pradesh professional examination board (MPPEB) or Madhya Pradesh Vyavsayik Pariksha Mandal (Vyapam). It involved impersonation of candidates, rampant copying, blank answer sheets and fake marks.

Vyapam scam was a massive admission and recruitment scam involving politicians, senior officials and businessmen in Madhya Pradesh. IT IS so MIND-BOGGLING that the chief minster SHIVRAJ SINGH CHAUHAN is inexplicably clinging on to his chair when several of his politicians, including his education minister Laxmikant Sharma, a host of officials and scores of aspirants have been arrested. There is also RSS link to the scam adding bizarre to the gory.

And it doesn’t end there. Past two years over 40 people have been murdered mercilessly who could have turned witnesses in court. These mysterious deaths are truly tantalizing like the fangs of a glittering cobra.

SCAMGRESS {Congress} traitors must be envying the Madhya Pradesh BJP for pulling off the Vyapam stunt which beats them in their own game. May be after the BJP it will be the turn of the Scamgress Party to make its entry in the Guinness Book of World Records after it regains power next time around.


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