When the news of imposition of Emergency was conveyed to Jayprakash Narayan (JP) he reacted by saying: “vinaasha kaale vipareeta buddhi”.

How prophetic it was! Why did she do it? Simple answer was LUST FOR POWER. Treacherous antinational Congress and LUST for power always went hand in hand. The trigger of course was pulled by Allahabad High Court which set aside Indira Gandhi’s 1971 re-election to the Lok Sabha on grounds of electoral malpractices. What the verdict meant was she was no more an MP and therefore could not remain the PM unless she was once again elected as an MP within six months. The Supreme Court which in COWARDLY fashion made MANDALISATION OF INDIA A REALITY was quick to grant her a partial stay allowing her to remain a member of parliament but disallowed her to take part in parliamentary proceedings. This was bad enough.

The problem got really complicated when JP after Allahabad HC verdict called for “Total Revolution” demanding her resignation. JP had announced demonstrations all over India to force her to quit on June 25 and she preempted him on this very day by her Emergency.

JP also appealed to the Army, the police and the bureaucracy “to refuse to obey Indira Gandhi’s “illegal and immoral orders” and “abide by the Constitution”.

Antinational Congress was cornered like a rat. Indira Gandhi’s record of dealing with the judiciary was SHAMEFUL. She had been degrading the THIRD PILLAR (judiciary) OF DEMOCRACY continuously for so long that she was brazen enough to supersede three senior-most Supreme Court judges in order to handpick a new Chief Justice, who had sided with the government in important cases. Those superseded resigned, causing an almighty uproar. It was disgusting that the Supreme Court could be trifled with in such brazen a manner.

Now Allahabad bombshell caught her squarely between her eyes and there was venomous anger bubbling in her to retaliate at judicial independence. With JP’s call changing the mood of the country as never before against the malafide Congress Indira decided to pull all the stops and jump straight into the Emergency fire.

Emergency was the beginning of her end. What sounded her death knell was her ASSAULT ON GOLDEN TEMPLE WHICH WAS A CHAOS SHE HERSELF HAD CREATED IN Punjab goaded by her LUST FOR VOTES (in one of my post I had written in detail about it).

Nemesis was neither amused with Emergency or by the assault on Golden Temple. It made her buddhi bhrast to make her succumb. And vipareeta buddhi certainly took its toll.


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