This will once and for all nail and silence the Secular Traitors who say OM is Hindu.

A few years back I was watching a Discovery programme and they were showing the Earth looping around the sun at tremendous speed (remember seeing more of its loop and less of its spinning on its axis).

What terrified me was the sound coming out clearly as Earth was hurtling in space around the Sun with clear humming sound of OMmmmmmmmm.

I should have shared this much earlier but somehow it went out of mind. And there was something terrifying about it with the breathtaking video shot from outer space. This was one of those few programmes that must have made Man to think about the NADA “OM” INGRAINED IN THE UNIVERSE.

Now if the Earth itself is creating the sound OM while going around the Sun (at a mind-boggling speed of 1,08,000 km/hr) what are the Secular Bastards shouting at? And why run Hindus down mocking at the ETERNAL SOUND OM?



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