LET Barkha vouchsafe MYNAMAR action

The Indian Army is boasting that it carried out “surgical” strikes against the NSCN militants and avenged the death of its soldiers. In today’s world when wars are fought with journalists embedded in military operations and staring at the action on frontline not one Indian journalist – FORGET ABOUT JOURNALISTS — EVEN Barkha Dutt was not allowed to see first hand how our “brave” army was carrying out operation against a handful of militants.

Secondly is it not the duty of the army to release video footage of its campaign, which presumably is over now? Why should anyone believe what the army says? For all we know it could have killed some people and claim them to be militants. Where is the independent verification? Whom is the army fooling?

IMAGINE IF THE US HAD CARRIED OUT THE STRIKE. at the Myanmar border and THE WHOLE Facebook would be brimming and screaming with videos of militants running helter-skelter and the US airforce shooting them down. Narendra Modi must order release of videos or photos, if any. Simply hinting at something will not do.

Yes quota India is not the US. Quota India is a dark democracy while the US is an open society where there are no unwanted secrecy so as to hide army’s or politician’s inefficiencies.


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