A NATION WHICH FAILS TO STAND UP TO PRESERVE ITS SELF-RESPECT IS NO NATION AT ALL. Pakistanis have been kicking our secuarlised faces with impunity and all we did is stand and whine.

When Chittisinghpura massacre occurred 59 innocent Sikhs and their families were massacred in Kashmir ironically the same morning Bill Clinton landed in India and the first press conference saw Vajpayee standing with abject helplessness writ on his face while Clinton watched with contempt. WHY EXPECT AND WHY WOULD THE US PULL OUR BLOODY CHESTNUTS OUT OF FIRE? Are you so shameless that you make your army sit on its haunches doing nothing?

I have writteen several times how JIHADI-LOVING Vajpayee tied our army’s hand behind its back in chasing the killers of Chittsinghpura who were made to escape back to PoK. WHAT IS WORSE VAJPAYEE TO HIS ETERNAL SHAME FORBADE ARMY USING HELICOPTERS TO HUNT THE Jihadis who were passing through dense jungle before making good their escape. The only alternative was use of copters to pinpoint the area where they were hiding. But that was not to be. I WISH THE BJP LAYS TO REST VAJPAYEE GHOST FOR THE ANTINATIONAL ACT OF HIS.

NATURALLY PAKISTAN WAS EMBOLDENED by our venal secularism WHEN WE continue to ELECT LEADERS LIKE VAJPAYEE. Modi must severe the ghost of the past. He has a solemn duty to bring back the shame India lost so shamelessly. WILL HE DO IT AND DO IT NOW?


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