Sachin Tendulkar would shamelessly go out for duck or a few runs in every crucial matches and after a horrible series of fiascoes he would score 40 or some 60 and half-starved Indians would go crazy chewing their thumbs at his achievement. That the very same sick Indians would never bother about manly games like the Olympics still continues to be a slur on quota depraved India.

Cricket crazy, quota depraved and Secularly demented Indians were always kept on high courtesy the ruling Congress which saw the potential of using cricket to reap votes. Not surprisingly when the death knell sounded for antinational Congress just before the last LS election it hit upon the idea of rewarding Sachin with Bharat Ratna so that the “feel good” factor will catapult the traitors back to power neutralizing Modi. The traitors even dared to mock at Dhyan Chand and Ajay Maken tweeted saying “why you guys are shouting? We will give Dhyan Chand a Bharat Ratna in a day or two.”

Now Indian Army had been continuously hammered silly by the Pakistanis left, right and centre and what shamed India MORE was some Pak noncombatants entering into our territory and slicing two of our soldiers’ head and taking it back as grisly trophy. They even kept the head on display in the border area of PoK for nearly a year showing it to everyone who wanted to see it and mocking at the eunuchs who were sitting on the seat of power in Delhi. A video too had cropped up of this ghastly affair with the heads being displayed on the roadside and almost every TV channel was then showing it.

Today Modi has the unenviable task of resurrecting the morale of an army that has been degraded over the decades by the antinational Congress which blinded by secularism had let the Terror State of Pakistan break our Army’s resolve and then brazenly get away with each successive and excessive depredation perpetrated with sickening regularity.

Let it be said that Modi has a knack of creating “feel good” factor and with an indifferent (or cooperative?) Myanmar he knew it was a simple task to take out the militants who were camping across the border nonchalantly. Whether the army killed the same guys who killed 20 of our soldiers in Manipur ambush is not known.

I am not a cynic but seeing every retired army general coming on the TV channel and creating a tsunami of euphoria over the operation makes me one. Some channels dared even to call it a “hot pursuit” and I don’t understand what they meant when the NSCN militants were allowed to escape without a scratch on their back and after four cool days we then claim to have killed some of them.

What exactly happened? No one knows nor will the Army’s Additional Director General, Military Operations, Maj Gen. Ranbir Singh would reveal anything other than throwing broad hints so that dots can be joined as you please.

WHY BE SECRETIVE ABOUT THE OPERATION IF YOU HAVE REALLY ACHIEVED SOMETHING GREAT? Either way the excuse does not hold water. If the operation is continuing why blurt it out now? If the operation is over why the secrecy? Secrecy for future operation, if any? This is sheer nonsense bordering on cowardice.

The real test which can bring the morale of the army back is to take out the 42 viper’s nests (terror training camps) in PoK. India is 80 per cent bigger and stronger than Pakistan and yet it pisses in its pants when Jihadis supported by Pak army and the ISI strike us. Even killing one Pakistani soldier seems an impossible task. Is it out of respect for Secularism or plain cowardice?

Now does any son-of-a-gun politician has the guts to give the nod for PoK operation which anyway India has the right to do that under the UN Charter. The secular traitors so far have been whining sending dossiers after dossiers to show that it was the Pakistanis who were ACTUALLY involved in brutal depradation on Indian soil, the most brazen one being the Mumbai terror attack.

Pakistanis on the other hand would casually throw away all the dossiers Indian cowards sent so painstakingly into the wastepaper basket saying “Where is the proof?”

Now one more important point has to be mentioned here AND IT IS INDEED IMPORTANT about Bangladesh giving Vajpayee “Friends of Bangladesh Liberation War Award” which Modi brought it over during his recent visit.

Now this is the worst irony and a shameful one at that. During Vajpayee’s tenure as the PM in 2001 Bangladesh’s BDR slaughtered some 22 of our BSF jawans. Had it been a border skirmish and our BSF men were killed I have no problem and that would be okay.

But what happened on that day was disgraceful. BDR men ambushed the BSF jawans and disarmed them with the assistance of hundreds of Bangla villagers. After that all our Jawans were BRUTALLY tortured a la Captain Kalia style and executed in cold blood.

Even if tortured and executed in cold blood sounds okay and Vajpayee need not have lost his sleep over it. But what was UTTERLY UTTERLY DISGRACEFUL to Indians and India – of course not to Vajpayee and his cowardly Defence Minister Jaswant Singh – was that the bodies of our brave jawans were tied to a long pole hanging it upside down with hands and legs tied and carried like municipalities would do lifting dog’s carcasses. The bodies were brought by BDR men and dumped onto our territory and mockingly the killers made their way back into their country. The picture of these ghastly scenes were carried in all newspapers. One such picture is still fresh in my memory.

But Secular Jihadi-loving Vajpayee would not lift his little finger. And in the Cabinet meeting when some minister demanded action against Bangladesh, an angry Jaswant Singh shouted: WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO? BOMB BANGLADESH? This is the same Jaswant Singh who without a fig-leaf took his royal TERROR guests to Kandahar in exchange for IA passengers.

One can understand SECULAR CONGRESS kow-towing to Bangladeshi butchers. Should the disgraceful BJP have done that? And now the same KILLER Bangladesh (so far that country has not expressed regret over the incident) has given some honour to Jihadi-loving Vajpayee and Modi seems proud to bring it home.

The tragedy of quota depraved India is that its half-starving and starving populace has a phenomenally short memory. POLITICIANS THEREFORE GET AWAY EACH AND EVERY TIME safely, very safely.


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