Asaduddin Owaisi is vehemently opposing observation of June 21 as International Yoga Day by Muslims because he feels Surya Namaskar is anti-Islam. Another character like him too is opposing Yoga and he is Waris Pathan an MLA of the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen in Byculla, Mumbai.

Pathan was saying at Arnab’s Super Primetime how he objects to the word OM at the commencement of any yoga practice. Bereft of logic these two men represent the deeper malaise that India is riddled with and which has worsened because Congress traitors ghettoized them with Secularism. Once Secularism combines with Islam the potency is deadly.

As usual Arnab would not ask or could not ask because of his ignorance that if Muslims should oppose Yoga it will be IMPOSSIBLE TO DO NAMAAZ because they cannot do it without VAJRASAN. Namaaz is offered in Vajrasan and if it is okay to Owaisi why should Surya namaskar blind him?

Is it Owaisi’s oblique contention that Muslims love Moon and hate Sun? THIS IF TRUE IS MADNESS UNLIMITED..

Yoga is basically the way to realize the soul and then the soul becoming one with Paramatma. Sick body will not allow to do that. Our ancient rishis and munis therefore insisted on Yoga for spiritual practice. It will be news to some that there are 84 lakh asanas as described by Lord Siva. Today we have some 200 postures and of which only 32 seem very important to us.

Maintaining the grip on votebanks is okay but why abuse Yoga to fool and mislead Muslims?

If Owaisi hates Sun he should know that if Sun does not rise even for a few days he will go utterly mad and will commit suicide. This happened in Ahmedabad during the early 90s when there was continuous rain for a month and Sun was not visible because of cloudy sky. The suicide cases rose phenomenally and dramatically in the old city areas as people went into inexplicable depression. The suicides were so sudden and unprovoked that everyone was stunned and the psychiatrists had to step in to find a solution. Ultimately after a month of continuous rains Sun returned and with it the desire to live.


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