Problem with Markandey Katju — I ought to admit he is a brave man worthy of admiration as he speaks straight from his heart unlike many of his judicial tribe or political class who speak with forked tongue — is he takes snobbery to a great height treating it as virtue and loses his way down one-way street and finds it too difficult to turn back.

Does it matter if he eats cow or gorilla meat which can be his choice? India so far has been a free country to all for anyone to eat anything so long as it is not human flesh. Even Jihadis are worshipped by the government in power confusing them with Muslim citizens. But the problem is NOT one of religiosity or whether cow can be mother, but why such a large animal with its great add-on value when alive unlike any other animal be slaughtered. Cow is nothing like any other animal. There is a divinity which only fools will deny. I CHALLENGE KATJU TO SHOW ME WHICH ANIMAL HAS AS MUCH UTILITY VALUE or DIVINITY AS THE COW.

Katju keeps dodging by giving out the excuse that infirm cows are killed and eaten which otherwise would be dying a horrible death. Therefore eating meat of infirm cows is no sin. This is plain sophistry coming from a former judge of his calibre and untenable. Ironically he is right in saying 99 per cent of Indians are idiots and my objection is it is bound to fool them terribly more.

Katju has clearly succumbed to Western hoax that dismisses Hinduism as an irrational ideology that compels people to overlook “nutritious food like the cow”.

Hindus are part of that ancient civilization, one of the earliest in human history, which Katju will not admit, that consider cow as worthy of worship.

Yes, some perverts argue early Hindus ate flesh of cows or bulls at ceremonial feasts presided over by Brahmin priests. (Sage Agastya eating the demon Vatapi is a well-known folklore after he turned into a goat. The demon used to come out of the person who ate him tearing the stomach after his brother called him Vatapi come out).

But later evolution was fast-paced and the people realized the horror of their action. And in the last 3000 years or so killing of cows for rituals or otherwise became taboo and so did beef consumption. These can be seen in royal edicts and religious texts.

Leading role was played by the Brahmin priests who had experienced at first hand the atrocious and self-inflicting nature of killing cows when it gave so much for mankind. They exhorted the population to venerate the cow and forbade them to abuse it in any manner least of all making a meal out of it. Thus came an end to religious feasts involving slaughter of cows. By 1000 AD Hindus were forbidden to eat beef as Ahimsa became the cornerstone of Hindu belief. That is how today killing of cow is taboo and ingrained in Hindu subconsciousness. The cow is akin to Lakshmi Devi and symbol of health and abundance.

Cow provides all the goodness of milk which has medicinal properties and is consumed as dahi and ghee, the latter having subtle flavors when combined with different spices. Cow urine is extremely useful as medicine in Ayurveda. Cows indeed bring happiness. Why slaughter it with a brutal medieval mindset?

When Katju attacks the Hindus saying there is nothing wrong in beef eating as 90% of the world eats beef and only idiots oppose him, he in fact is inadvertently attacking the Bhagwad Gita wherein Lord Krishna has this to say about the cow.
…………………Ayudhanam aham vajram dhenunam asmi kamadhuk
…………………Prajanas casmi kandarpah sarpanam asmi vasukih
(I am Vajra among the weapons and Kamadhenu among the cows…. )

What Krishna is revealing is that God Himself has manifest as kamadhuk or kamadhenu which are special cows having power to fulfill one’s wishes and are also known as Surabhi cows. About Surabhi cows and why Lord Krishna had to reveal it in Gita has been explained by Ved Vyasa in Anusasana Parva of the Mahabharata.

Hindus even believe cows are mothers of 33 crores of demigods that keep the creation running smoothly whatever be the nature of material existences throughout the universe or universes. Cows are the goddesses of the gods and the refuge of all auspiciousness. NOTHING IS THEREFORE SUPERIOR TO COWS.

Lastly let us assume for argument’s sake that Katju is a Muslim and lives in Pakistan and somehow had developed the taste for pork. Islam bans pork. Would he have said 99 per cent of Pakistanis are idiots? Or dared to eat pork? He would have praised the Quran and behaved without hurting the wishes of the majority.

Quran clearly forbids pork because flesh of swine (pig) “surely is impure.” A Muslim submits to God’s commands willingly, without needing to know the reason behind the divine rule why a pig should not be eaten.

I would love to hear Katju saying Quran speaks nonsense as he dares to say about the cow.


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