Chidambaram is so heartless and brutal that even the Periyar rogue looks like a saint. He is the one who destroyed India’s spinal column called “Indian Economy” and all these he did during his stint as India’s Finance Minister having first declared himself elected after losing the election.

AIADMK R S Raja Kannappan filed a complaint against Chidambaram for fraud after he (Kannappan) was first declared winner and than the loser of Sivaganga constituency.

The Madras High Court is still hearing the allegation how Chidambaram manipulated the district collector and returning officer to win by just 3,000 votes.

Kannappan said Chidambaram misused his position as then Finance Minister to influence the 2009 election. He also said that officials enlisted for election duty were from nationalised banks and that they owed allegiance to FM Chidambaram, .

Kannappan also pointed out to the High Court how when the votes were counted, at 12 PM, he was declared the winner, with the result being flashed all around and even on some local channels. He says Chidambaram acknowledged defeat and left the counting centre. But what was shocking is that after counting was officially over Kanappan was not formally declared the winner by the Returning Officer. At 4.30 pm, when nationwide results indicated the Congress was in the lead, Chidambaram had returned to the counting centre and was mysteriously declared elected.

Kannappan said his votes were transferred to Chidambaram via a conspiracy between the minister and the Returning Officer. There is also the suspicious incident of District Collector rushing to the counting centre when Kannappan was leading and almost on the point of being declared the winner.

Obviously his DMK pals forced the collector, who after all is a slave of the ruling politicians, to change history.

Now see this. When Chidambaram appealed to the Madras High Court to dismiss the case against him of cheating and fraud in winning the Sivaganga Lok Sabha constituency in 2009, the court dismissed his appeal. Wasn’t that embarrassment? SHAMELESS Chidambaram was not worried even as the high court found enough substance to proceed in the matter.

What is more shameful is this cruel heartless man should levy tax on the poor and the helpless to loot them and destroy them with such impunity. If he dies he will straightaway go to Hell. I am sure of that. There is no place other than Hell for Dravidians like him..



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