It is rightly said when you continue to bully someone for long that person loses his will to fight back. All he will do is to sit in a corner and weep quietly.

Pakistan bully has achieved the impossible through terror tactics which ended up castrating India’s manhood as Kargil martyr Saurabh kalia’s case would beat testimony to it. The case of Kalia was to be taken to the International Court of Justice and the Supreme Court too had ordered the govt to do that. But now Modi seems to have quietly let India down.

None can believe that Modi is a coward who is frightened of Pakistan. Then what changed and what then is the plausible explanation?

I had argued several times in my postings earlier that the rank and file of BJP had been secularized by Jihadi-loving Vajpayee. And sadly a Hindutva Modi seems struggling hard to buck the BJP secularists. If Kalia’s case is anything to go by it is clearly a victory for BJP secularists.

Another problem with a neophyte Modi is his wrong choice of making a glib talker Sushma Swaraj as the Foreign minister. This lady loves to talk too much without doing half of what she says.

It will gladden the hearts of Secularsts if they see Modi facing an existential threat, a threat so strong that he could be turning into a clone of antinational Congress which did nothing in bringing Pakistan to heel.

The brutal murder of Capt Kalia is not only a serious war crime but a slap on our face and slur on our manhood. If Modi is being pulled down by a bunch of BJP cowards or by a bunch of BJP clowns India will be heading towards disaster as China too seems restless as it has not had lately its pound of flesh by getting some more of our land.

Kalia was a brave officer yet there is none in our political class to stand up for him and see he gets justice. Modi must know that cowardice does not pay nor can he ignore the Supreme Court diktat to take the case to ICI. If he slips now the countdown for Modi would have truly begun and the irony is a patriotic Modi would be accused of letting down a martyred soul which is crying for closure.


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