Mr CM of truncated Andhra Pradesh,

I am not shocked that your MLA Revanth Reddy was caught red-handed or pink-handed (if you are accusing KCR of conspiracy).

I am wondering how that a Quota Depraved Secular India has not arrested you because it was clearly on your orders that Revanth went on with his escapade of giving the bribe to Elvis Stephenson.

What? I just heard you say that you had nothing to do with that.

Well Dear Babugaru, I clearly heard Revanth say when Stephenson asked him, “Four and half what?”. To this your stooge said, “FOUR POINT FIVE CRORE. TOTAL RS FIVE CRORE…WHAT YOU ASKED. I CONVINCED MY BOSS.”

“Revanth convinced his boss that Stephenson should be paid 5 crore and the boss said okay.” Pray who is the boss of Revanth? Your heir apparent to CM”s chair and your son Lokesh?

I was hoping against hope that you will not be a traitor to your own Telugu motherland, the erstwhile United Andhra Pradesh and you will withdraw the letter you gave for carving out a VENOMOUS Telangana. Many TDP MLAs and MPs even begged you to do that. But guided by some extreme madness you wouldn’t or couldn’t listen. Maybe the psychiatrist is the best person to delve deep into your megalomaniac character and find out what caused you to take that extreme step.

But I can — like any ordinary person does — very well understand your compulsion. For without carving the heart out of your Mother AP and forming a truncated Andhra Pradesh you never had a hope in Hell to again become a CM. Right? But can this be reason enough to cut your own throat?

What? I hear you say again that unless you become the CM how can poor Lokesh become the CM and if Rahul Gandhi can be made a PM material what is wrong with Lokesh getting anointed in the future?

If that is your reasoning it is disgusting. It is like saying end justifies the means and even if it is murder it is okay.

But I am not disgusted because you consider your family as above the state or country.

My worry is that I am much more practical than that when I say I am disgusted. I am referring to the two-third of the people of Andhra Pradesh having come out on the streets fighting and crying for continuous six months to stop the horrible split of their motherland.

For these people there certainly is no India without their beloved motherland Andhra Pradesh — i am sure you are aware of or you could refresh your memory — which had reached the pinnacle of glory during Vengal Rao’s tenure in early 70s. Those were the days when AP was very progressive and so progressive that it was number one even in sports. That Mamata’s WORST Bengal was scared of AP’s football team speaks for itself.

Now you have carved your fiefdom and magnanimously allowed KCR to carve his. Despite that KCR has no love lost for you. He hates you as much as Osama bin Laden hated the Satan America. I am sure there are still countless many more who hate you and your glazed eyes that hides your deceptive thoughts so cleverly.

But coming back to the point of your complicity and being accessory AFTER AND BEFORE THE FACT in sending Revanth to bribe an MLA I am wondering which law is exempting you from being prosecuted and why you are not being arrested and put alongwith Revanth in Cherlapally Central Jail.

I am sure you know you too come under Section 12 of the Prevention of Corruption Act and 120-B (criminal conspiracy) of IPC that has been dumped over the head of poor Revanth.

Will you permit me to say this: Being CM means you are the biggest servant of the people of your truncated state and certainly not its master.

Maybe someone needs to take a class for the political class what shame actually means!


PS: Babugaru what touched my heart was during the ACB’s sting operation bribe-giving Revanth had the sagacity and refinement to say THANK YOU to Stephenson’s daughter who brought him a glass of water. THANK YOU for just a glass of water??!!! Well that is what I call true culture and refinement.


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