How can or how did Narendra Modi have the brazenness to increase service tax rate from 12 to 14 per cent?

Modi is holding another butcher’s knife on our throat with his Swachch Bharat Cess yet to come. Modi has put an enabling provision in the Service Tax Act to empower the Centre to impose this cess on all or certain taxable services at a rate of 2 per cent. The proceeds from this will be used for Swachh Bharatinitiatives. Chidambaram had killed us with education cess that was looted and stashed in Swiss bank abroad.

From today every bloody item has shot up. Be it your milk or prices of daily essential items; cable and DTH services, courier service, laundry services, and worse your insurance premium. The insurancewallahs of course have already increased their premium and they will now do so more.


When the MANDALISED Chandrasekhar Govt was mortgaging the gold it raised the petrol price ENORMOUSLY – which is the root cause of inflation and our present day woes — saying once India is out of this ECONOMIC MESS the price will be brought down. India did come out of the economic mess but the traitors never brought the petrol price down, NOT EVEN BY ONE NAYE PAISE. INSTEAD CONGRESS traitors continued to raise it EVEN TO THE EXTENT OF MAKING IT 80 PLUS RUPESS A LITRE.

India was utterly shattered. One can only imagine how the poor survived. Maybe they did not survive as they were already dead, thanks to the treacherous Congress.


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