Why allow Sonia to SIT it out?

If Modi is serious about bringing black money back to India his antics of supping with the Manmohan devil does not augur well. MMS is a toady of Sonia and Sonia is the key to busting the black money racket.

Modi should know that, or if he doesn’t know someone should tell him, how Manmohan played foul in 2008 when he refused to accept the German offer of black money data on Liechtenstein tax affair. When BJP cried foul MMS reluctantly agreed to accept a part of the data but stoutly refused to make it public.

This same Manmohan, who is more loyal than Sonia herself, saved the dirty skin of Rahul Gandhi who was caught red-handed at Boston Airport with his girl friend Veronique in 2001 while carrying a whopping $200,000 (Rs 1 crore) in cash which he was unable to explain to the airport officials. Later in 2005, four lawyers filed a public litigation petition in the High Court requesting that information be made available to the public regarding the Rahul incident whereby Rahul and his Spanish girlfriend were detained by the FBI for questioning, but venal Congress govt headed by MMS saw to it that dynasty remained unharmed.

There was a method in the madness when the President of India had to say that there was NO Bofors scandal at all. Sonia and her cubs need not worry about the Bofors slush money which is a pittance compared to other big amounts stashed by her abroad.

According to Subramanian Swamy (see the earlier posting of mine) when a new Pope took over Sonia quickly shifted $10 billion from the Vatican bank when the new Pope questioned the secrecy of her account.

Sonia has other worries as far as slush money is concerned compared to paltry 64 crores of Bofors bribe (Gurumurthy in a detailed analysis in Indian Express had shown the Bofors slush money was Rs 124 crores and not Rs 64 crores).

Ram Jethmalani revealed in the Rajya Sabha during the UPA rule how a Swiss magazine “Schweizer Illustrierte” on its Page 1 revealed $2.2 billion (I am too tired to convert it into rupees) slush money in Rajiv’s secret accounts. Obviously with Rajiv gone it is Sonia who holds the ill-gotten wealth that belong to we Indians, many of whom are too poor to eat a second meal a day.

For those who may think Schweizer Illustrierte is some rag let me say it is the Number One Swiss magazine and sells over 2,10,000 copies with a readership of 9,18,000 that can make even Arnab Goswami’s head spin in admiration.

Even as Jethmalani was pointing out the Dynastic racket of stashing abroad black money, the valiant toady of the dynasty, Mani Shankar Aiyyar, was creating a horrific ruckus in the Rajya Sabha and sadly the then deputy chairman K. Rahman Khan was colluding with him in blocking Jethmalani by inventing a point of order.

Jethmalani still managed to have his say pointing out that the Swiss magazine had printed on Page 1 about Rajiv Gandhi holding “2.5 billion francs secretly in Swiss bank.” This equals a whopping 2.2 billion US dollars. Sonia today holds this amount and Modi must first bring this amount back into Indian exchequer if he is really sincere. THIS CAN ONLY BE DONE IF SONIA IS ARRESTED AND MADE TO COUGH UP HER ILL-GOTTEN WEALTH..

Subramanian Swamy had also included the Schweizer Illustrierte expose in his party website and it could be still there for Modi to refresh his memory.


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