PERIYAR — The Evil Incarnate

Arnabs, the Barkhas, the Shobha Des and the Bald Pate of the Channel X had shed copious tears following the ban imposed on Periyar student group of IIT Madras and I for one really felt that the Monsoon had already arrived into the studios of TV channels.

Do these funky KNOW-ALL Arnab Varnabs and Barkha Varkhas know what sort of a character this Periyar or EVR or Naicker was?

He was a real sonofabitch if ever there was one. He is the one who gave birth to the illegitimate DMK of today after having formed his DK or Dravida Kazhagam. He poisoned the whole atmosphere of Tamil Nadu like bad smell polluting a closed indoor.

Now for the uninitiated the shocker: In the 40s and 50s this fat Periyar slob used to take out a procession carrying a huge picture of Lord Rama in an open carriage and then slapping it hysterically with chappals. Those who watched this sinful act – Dalit, BC, OBC, SEBC, Brahmins, Banias, Kshatriyas and everyone else — would stand shocked at this brazen display of venom.

These processions became a common affair winding down the streets of Madras. None voiced protest or even dared to think of protest seeing the bloodthirsty Periyar goons.

My father those days was working with the Simpson company and had the misfortune of seeing this ghastly sight as the DK goons merrily carried on slapping the picture of Lord Rama with chappals.

What harm did Lord Rama do to these DK/DMK sonofbitches?

Now understand this. Many Muslims openly admit that their Islamic Prophet had accepted the fact that Lord Rama was one of the Prophets that God sent much, much before their prophet was sent as the last prophet. They cite the Quran to substantiate.

And imagine the unimaginable that the Periyar thug doing the same as he did to Lord Rama’s picture to Prophet Mohammad. Wouldn’t this fat slob been turned into mutton kurma by angry Muslims and fed to hungry street dogs nearby?

Sadly the divide-and-rule British, who would not hesitate to hang Bhagat Singh, would not shoot dead this Fat Devil Incarnate and throw his carcass to the vultures. Instead they watched gleefully the slob’s freedom to HURT THE RELIGIOUS SENTIMENTS of the meek “majority” Hindus with impunity.

But why did Hindus really turn into mute spectators? The reason the DK/DMK thugs created so much fear that not one Hindu dared to raise his voice was the “terror of SODA BOTTLES” which was 10 times more deadly and lethal than even the AK 47.

These thugs often indulged in violent clashes using the THICK soda bottles as missiles. A thug used to pop up high into the air a soda bottle like a tennis star popping up the ball to serve and as it came falling down would smash it with another soda bottle and the impact was so great that the first bottle turned into a missile of million minute pieces of thick soda glasses flying like a spray. It was really unfortunate to those who would be hit, even by a tiny piece of the thick glass, because they would be permanently blinded, mutilated or even die of trauma.

This is how the EVIL PERIYAR built up his terror factory that helped to legitimize his illegitimate DMK child to garner power. This was in many ways similar to brutal street battles of Hitler that impressed the German people so much that he was catapulted to power to hold sway over the destiny of Germans.

The Periyar student thugs — who refuse to admit being Hindus –mercifully are not slapping the picture of Lord Rama in the campus and raping or killing Brahmin girls and boys. But they are a terror to reckon with and their insidious campaign against the Hindus is no less terrifying.

If the Arnab Varnabs, Barkha Varkhas, Shobha Des and the Bald Pates do not believe what is said here they must go to the IIT-M campus incognito and stay there for some time and get the feel of the influence of Evil Incarnate Periyar ghost still haunting the people of Tamilnadu.

What the Periyar students do spreading EVIL by word of mouth and through insidious posters is no less deadly than the Fat Slob who went slapping symbolically Lord Rama with chappals


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