Why does DMK and its affiliate Periyar Group hate the Brahmins so much so that they go even to the extent of targeting their womenfolk? There have been many cases of kidnapping and forcibly marrying Brahmin girls though euphemistically the Dravidian police LOVE to call it as mere “LOVE AFFAIR.”

These thugs have a grudge over an alleged instance when Periyar had gone to Benares in the 30s. It is alleged he had gone to an ashram run by Brahmins and while food was being served they noticed Periyar with his flowing beard and unkempt ways. When questioned he admitted being non-Brahmin and it is alleged he was asked to sit separately before the food served.

Brahmins, especially the ones of 1930s, are god-fearing and it is taught in all Brahmin families to children from age 5 onwards that NEVER should one discriminate while serving food (panthiyale pakshapatham koodathu). {If one person is given 2 ladoos all should be given the same}. It is impossible therefore to believe that Periyar would have been segregated thus because he was from a backward caste. {When my father built a house and conducted the grahapravesam in the 70s my parents and me and everyone had sat with the maistries and workers who toiled to build the house in record four months and all of us ate happily without consideration of caste or creed}.

{The house comprising seven rooms was indeed built in record time of exact 4 months. The digging began on Nov 5 and grahapravesam was on Mar 5}

Now even suppose for argument’s sake that Periyar was subjected to segregation. Should every Brahmin today bear the cross? Should the DMK thugs continue to spread hatred against Brahmins until eternity? Obviously DMK thugs have some other ulterior motives.

Many Brahmins languish in penury while Karunanidhi is worth (including the cash he possess) over Rs 4000 crore as per an estimate a decade ago. Today God knows what his real worth is. Why blame only Jayalalitha when Karunanidhi is not blind to amassing wealth? Though Jayalalitha plays quota politics unlike Karunanidhi she does not openly incite anti-Brahmin hatred. Or does she?


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